Monday, September 29, 2008

7 things..that turned into 3

"A bite of country cupcakes" asked me to do this meme...she may be sorry, because you know the way I get sometimes...heh She asked for 7 answers to every question, and I have to admit, I don't have the patience to think about about more than one at a time, nevermind seven. So I came up with 3. I think I can handle that.

3 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:

....Make sure I have enough money so I don't have to ask anyone for anything when I get old. My independence is crucial. I will always have enough money for cab fare if I can't drive anymore.

...Build our new house next summer, and finally start to retire...sort of... it will never happen...but it's a plan.

... Kick the ass of the guy who fired me 12 years ago, I will never forgive that bastard. He used me after his friend who worked for him a long time went back to college, and when she flunked out, I was history, and he found an excuse to let me go. I hate him with a passion. I spit on him.

3 Things I Do Now

...I don't hold grudges...........haaaaaaaaaa ha...scratch the above "Things I plan to do before I die"... but I DO when people fuck me around.

... Over think every situation that comes into my life. And make mountains out of molehills. oy...I am a bad ass with that one.

... Trying to get a new wardrobe. Buying a top that doesn't have a hoodie. And of course this is the year of the hoodie, and I don't even have to go looking for them. Fudge.

3 Things I Can't Do

... Whistle. I cannot do that. All I get is a little peeping noise. But of course nobody whistles anymore unless you have a dog. Therefore, my dog's indifference.

... Hold a tune. I spent most of my youth trying to sing loudly in choir, only to be told to "hush" ... only "mouthe" the words .. you are screwing up the entire choir...sing soft. amen.

3 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex

... Lips.... I loved guys who had soft lips. Ricky Nelson lips...yep, I loved Ricky Nelson's lips, I am THAT old.. And Gord has Ricky Nelson lips, but he doesn't plant them on me as much as he used to. It was much more exciting in the day..when we were making out in the back seat of his car in a dark lane. Windows were all could write your name on them. And if a car was coming up, you would scramble up and try to find your bra...which was attached to his neck and damn near killing him. By the time the car passed ... and you figured out it wasn't a cop, telling you to move were half way dressed, and have to start all over again. Those were the days my friend. Sex in the opposed to Sex in the City. Tame.

... Sense of humor...for sure. If we can't laugh it's over. I don't make him laugh half as much as I used to, because sometimes life gets a little serious with stuff...but I try and he does too...he is always in a good mood and sometimes that pisses me off...chaulk that up to hormones or something. I'm sure I could talk him into going out to the garage and have a one on one in the Stinking Lincoln. It has a very large back seat. wink wink...

... Guys with money. Money never turns me off... I shallow is that? But someone will have to pay for my cab fare when I get old. That's all I really ask for.

3 Things That I Say Most Often

Where is my fucking watch? I keep loosing it.. and sometimes it's on my wrist.

When are you coming home from the shop?... Gord is always late

Penny... let's go take a pee pee

Celebrities That I Admire

....I don't watch TV very much or watch movies I can't really answer this question. But when I did, I have to say Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward have always been my favourites. I remember in the early 60's when I saw Paul Newman in a "Cat in a Hot Tin Roof" with Liz Taylor, I was a fan ever since. All his movies were well done, and so were Joanne's especially when they were together, you could almost feel the heat.

... Gilda Radner....who made me laugh till I pissed my pants. I loved her...It's always something!! Too bad the SNL is crap right now. That humour has left that building.

... I like Sex in the City re-runs right now... I know, as usual I'm a little to late to the party, but I think Samantha (Kim Cattrall) has got balls, and like the the interaction she has with Jason Lewis, her young lover, and how she finally manages to get over herself with him. Some scenes were very touching.

3 Favorite Foods

Ribs...Tony Roma's

Spaghetti.....any kind ...with lots of Parmesan cheese on it.. and yeah I like meat balls too.

Perogies....with cream gravy, and farmer sausage.

3 People Who Need To Do This

Anyone.......bring it on.....


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Joan you did'nt let me down...
See I would never have known you and I share A perogie liking if you had'nt taken up to do this...
The whole 7 thing was full on,I had 3 kids ripping my house to bits whilst attempting.
I love that you managed the "F" bomb..What...2 times???
We too have that in common.
When I was first dating my Hubby My Dad was thrilled he had a small car because of the whole backseat thang*wink*

Brenda said...

Good answers Miz Joan, I liked each and every one of them.

I often look around me and wish I'd never SEEN a back seat.

Joan said...

Glad I didn't let you down cupcakes... had fun doing it. I always manage to include the "F" bomb,I don't mean to offend anyone, BUT when I need a word to express myself I just can't help myself. A lot of people choose to use the Lords name in vain when expressing themselves and that really turns me off. Somehow that offends me and I not very religious, but fuck can mean so many things, and it is so useful when imparting your feelings.

Brenda...Haaaaaaaaaa... did you and James do the dirty deed in the back of a John Deere?

Donna said...

"And if a car was coming up, you would scramble up and try to find your bra...which was attached to his neck and damn near killing him.".............HAHAHAHAAAaaaa...........OMG........(tears rolling)
AND...."I Spit On Him"........
hAHAHAHAHAHAaaaaaaaa.......People are looking at me...damn, these were funny....hughugs

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I agree Joan...The "f" bomb adds so much intensity to a conversation!!! lol!!
I am offended by nothing!,I truly can't think of anything that truly ruffles my feathers...
Though say/do to my kids or my Man and watch out world!!!!!!!!!