Monday, November 29, 2010

Two days worth of snow

Crazy isn't it? More coming this afternoon. 

Friday, November 26, 2010


I'm in the mood with all the snow...and I put up my kitchen Christmas lights today.  Just a thing I do every year around the window by the sink.  I irritate my friends because they think it is tacky.....I know they don't say it...but I know they think it is not tasteful.....heh why do you think I keep on doing it?  I love it.  I spend 90 percent of my life in there anyway.  So there.  And I don't take them down until February...haaaaaa on them.  I won't have a kitchen window in the new house....but I will find a place for my little strand of brightly colored lights to annoy them.

I don't understand why some people don't like colored lights.  Everyone nowadays wants the bland white lights.  I fell for that last year when I got a pre-lit Christmas tree and it broke my heart.  The tree looked stupid.  I gave the Christmas tree away to a family that didn't have one last week when I was getting all of the stuff out of the basement.  I'm pretty sure they didn't care about the lights...they wanted the tree for Christmas.
 My home now...and my new home...will be forever...the following.
I will never be the one that tries to make my house look like a magazine cover.  My  house will always be real.  And ... no you don't have to take your shoes off at the door either.  You will always know that when you come to my house you will feel welcome and not intimidated because it is new..unless you have deer shit on your shoes!!  It will be a home just like we have except newer.  Where you can park your ass. Have some good food and talk. And oh's of that.  Yes we will have coffee and tea should you request that...

I used to do a lot of entertaining  but as the years went by and with working full time it all went to shit.  I still had family suppers here....but it was hard when I was working.  I am really looking forward to this year...still in this house to make the last Christmas suppers.  The one where we have to drag our older 93 year old Tante  Tina up the stairs...I hope she lives until next Christmas. It will be smooth sailing...because we won't have any stairs. She loves her Baily's Irish Cream....big time...and I love her too. Tanta....hang more year...I want you to see the new house.  Tante is a pistol.  She is so vibrant and it's just like talking to your best friend.

Balonie..taking a bathroom and pizza  break...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holy moly

It's been snowing for two days straight.  No let up.  Gord slid into a steep ditch this morning coming back from the new house.  It's a rural we have ditches. With all the snow he didn't see the fall off point when he pulled off to the side of the road to let a pack of snow plows through.  The ditches are really steep and there was so much new snow you couldn't discern where the edge was.  He called me around eleven AM and asked me to bring our truck and pull him out.  Ever the optimist.  Holy crap.  When I got there his van was pretty much sitting on it's side.  A guy with a half ton offered to we got a tow rope on it...but the van kept on tipping sideways when he pulled on it.  It's heavy because he has all his parts in the back.  So we got a tow truck and they winched it out.  I have never seen them do this and it was very interesting how it was done.  You always wonder how tow trucks upright semi trailers or anything on the highway that has flipped or slid in at an angle.   

I now have a new respect for tow truck drivers.  It is an art.  The guy goes under the a 90 degree angle in the ditch full of snow trying to hook up the winch.  I'm yelling...Tow truck man don't do that the van will fall on you. Tow truck man...reminds me that the van will fall the OTHER way...and not drop on top of him.  Okay, so I back off with my suggestions. Plus Gord was giving me the "shut up" eye.  Geez I was only trying to help.

So I got back into my truck, obviously my help was becoming somewhat of  hindrance plus it was sooooooooooo cold I needed to heat my feet. Slowly but surely he got the big ole van back on it's big tires and on the road. 

That winch thing is so cool.  I could have taken pictures..........

I had my camera in my purse...but apparently I took out the battery for wonder is was so light. SOB I am my worst enemy.

Happy Thanksgiving to my US of A are the best...balonie will fight to the end to get you a president you finally can agree upon.  If she can't do that...she will write letters to your government ..but you don't want would be living in Canada.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The early bird gets the deals.

Phew...all this snow at once.  I think we just got caught off guard with the late autumn.  More today, I thought it was over yesterday...but nope.

Tomorrow I should receive my very first Old Age Pension cheque.  well...fudge... how did it come to this?  Getting something for nothing just because you are a "raisin?" my old friend Kat used to call me.... is perplexing.  How will I ever get to use the "early bird" breakfast specials for seniors at all the restaurants?  I don't get up until ten, then shower and get ready for the day and by that time I need some coffee...and fart around on the computer ... and by that time it's time for lunch.  Missed the early bird! 

I find it really weird that people who are retired get up early.  Good lord...we did that for umpteen years of our lives being slaves to the clock...why now?  Some would say, balonie you are wasting the time you have left laying in bed snoring your last days away...I say...bullshit.  I have never felt so stress free as I do now. Even though we are in the throws  of building a new house and all the crap that entails.... my shoulders aren't clenched, every stupid thing is not such a "big deal" .... I no longer have to "fit" things in and take time off from work to accomplish what needs to be done during the daylight hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. I no longer need to squeeze every ounce of Saturday and Sunday into a weeks worth of stuff that needs to be done at home. 

This is still a learning curve for me because I still haven't learned how to do everything at a snail's pace.  Saturday is still cleaning day to me.  I seem to need deadlines for motivation.  But I have been screwing around with laundry day...even if it means ..ya gotta wear the old panties in the bottom of the pantie drawer that don't have any elastic left in them...yes I get wedgies...and sometimes they fall down in my sweat pants...but they are clean.  I have to admit that sometimes I don't realize they have fallen down until I want to climb the stairs...and my legs seem to be a little shorter than I remembered.

Sometimes I miss the pace.  But right now with building the house everything has come to a perfect balance. 

But I know shit will come to shove before the house is built. It's going to be something we never experienced before. The builders are very helpful...even though I know they think we are morons.  Hey, what do we know?..

The snow blade is back on my truck for a few days because we are expecting MORE freaking snow later this week.  I sort of like driving around with it on because I see people looking at me like I'm some tough old broad...digging out people's driveways, and drinking rum at the bar after a night of heavy lifting.

This year for some reason I am really looking forward to American Thanksgiving.  I used to think those guys push two huge holidays together in such a short time!  .. nothing good could come of that. You probably only want to see most of the extended family once a year...and now you have to do it twice in just over a month...fuck...I would have a hard time with that.  But what I do like is that here in Canada everything changes in radio, TV etc.  after your turkey is eaten.  It becomes the season..which lasts until the new year.  I used to think...those damn Americans...don't they know you shouldn't put up your Christmas tree until 2 weeks before Christmas?  OR YOU WILL BURN YOU HOUSE DOWN.  Now I know you all have aluminum or fake trees...sigh...I was worried.

My mom would  not put up the real (artificial had not been born yet) tree until two weeks before Christmas ...because she said "you would get tired of it before Christmas." Or "it will be dead before Christmas"...she who always put an aspirin the tree stand when watering it because it would live longer.  We probably were the only people in town whose Christmas tree did not have a headache.   Who the hell ever got tired of a Christmas tree before Christmas...the glowing lights and the anticipation of wearing stockings on our heads..oops placing stockings by the chimney with care... eating Japanese oranges, candy canes, and nuts that weren't available to us at any other season. The anticipation of gifts and getting together with our grandparents and cousins was exciting.

Yes, after Christmas it got rather old ... but only after the new year. Then it was time to kick by brothers ass and get on with the next year...soon it was time he was old enough to kick mine...then Christmas became complicated heh! ...

Memories...good times. I will try to conjure up some more over this season.

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's been a day

I forgot to turn the kitchen TV off when I was taking this turn down your speakers....

I haven't stepped out of the house once today...except to shovel this shit.  I forgot what a pain it was.  I think it must be something like child forget how much it hurt until you have another one.

The snow plows haven't been out yet in our it's pretty messy with everyone on the cul de sac blowing snow off their driveways. 

I feel kind of sad now that I see all the lovely snow on the cedar trees that we won't be putting up Christmas lights on the trees in front of house.  It always looked so beautiful.  But, they have been packed away for their  new home. 

Remember my post about trying to save money by only going grocery shopping once a week?  Screw that.  I always need something.  I should change the name of my blog from It's Always I Always Need Something!  I was getting a little nervous tonight because I didn't want to drive in this mess just to go to the store....because I needed something!  Well, after sifting through the cupboards I found all the makings of a pizza.  A pretty weird pizza...but I had flour and all the requirements for the crust.  I made a homemade crust....then discovered I didn't have pizza I used "A taste of Asia" mild chili sauce for the base. Then I found some Turkey Bacon in the freezer cut it up and threw that in...with some onions, green pepper and some frozen shrimp I found in the freezer a well.  Nice big fat shrimp. Covered it up with some low fat mozzarella cheese and threw some pineapple tidbits on top.  I haven't made it yet because Gord's got stuff to do tonight...but it will be ready when he gets here...whether he likes it or not. It weights a ton.  Most of crust..LOL.. The crust recipe said it was for a thin crust....but I think you could tie this pizza to the boots of someone in the mafia...and sink him.

My attempts at making homemade dish cloth's is coming to a close.  As much as I love to crochet I have learned that I have no patience.  None.  I follow the patterns....then think to can I do this without it being so boring...and I change it up.  This goes on for hours...until unravel the whole mess and start again....while the dog is looking at me....with her beautiful brown eyes....and giving me the " what about me" look and we go out to play...and by the time I get back I have forgotten the pattern I had in my head to begin with. 

It's a strange life I lead now. Motivation seems to be pretty much at standstill.  But we are still very busy with the house building and getting this house in shape for selling.  I'm still working on the third level...almost got that done.  Then next week up to the 2nd.....the living room... which only needs dusting and windows and curtains cleaned.  Then up to where we live the 1st. room, TV room, master bedroom, bath and kitchen. I have done a ton of stuff up here already....but the cupboards need to be oiled....along with all the window sills and's daunting....I put it off all.the.time.  I would rather be sitting at the computer ... or making up ridiculous crotchet patterns that never work.

balonie...taking her glass of wine to another room..

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New sparkling snow..........

The snow is just starting to fall.  We should have a few inches by tomorrow.  And a few more inches by the weekend........and let's just wait for a mother of a Colorado blow in and take away all the lovely soft white snow and blow into drifts and then give us a real snow storm.  Yup, that's the norm.  Can't fight have to join it. 

I really can't wait until tomorrow morning after it has been snowing all night long.  BECAUSE...I don't have to go to work tomorrow morning as I did in previous years.  This was my worst day of the year because you had to dodge stupid drivers on the way to work who had forgotten what it was like to drive on icy roads. I was always late that day because everything was backed up. Most times it snowed during the night and you couldn't time it in the mornings before the alarm clock went off...and then you had to scramble to get out of the  house fast enough.  I never have to do that again.  That makes me so very very happy.  Nobody is giving me the stink eye when I get in the office late on the first snow day or any other snow day.  Now I am going to enjoy the snow in the mornings knowing I don't have to "white knuckle" it up.  After a week or so we get used to this shit...and they sand the streets...and all is well.  .

So, tomorrow morning.......this girl is going to sleep in and watch the snow from her bedroom window...with no place to go.

Lookie who I found.........

I still love you Angel Man!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Just checking in

Not to much going on in the building site.  They have the roof on so if it starts to snow ... which will be any day now it will be good.  Everything else is set for winter it shouldn't be long now before the windows are put in.  I was really hoping for more progress, but there is building mania going on in Winnipeg, and the trades are very busy.  Fortunately we are still experiencing high resale values for our homes we are trying to sell and the economy is great.  I have been a little lax in getting the house ready for resale...I still have two or three major things to do........every friggin thing seems to be taking a dump....

First the bi fold door to our utility closet fell off......all the plastic brackets suddenly ...said to each other...when Balonie opens the door the next time....let's collapse.  And they did. The house is 27 years old and nobody has these brackets anymore for the door.  And yes, I interneted it. Perfectly good doors...with broken plastic brackets to open and close them with.  huh.... Our Microwave bit the biscuit a few days ago...whaaat's going on here?

 I am contemplating getting all the carpets cleaned....the last time I did that the carpet guy slipped down the stairs...lost control of his machine and made a big hole in the now I have a carpet machine of my own.  Gord bought it a few years ago and we never used it.  I just took it out of the box yesterday.  OY.... that looks like a lot of work!  Our carpets are getting older and some of them especially in high traffic areas are getting a little wrinkled looking and I am scared if I get them cleaned...or if I do it myself  they will be screwed up big time.  The living room and all the bedrooms and hallways down on the other levels are like new I am not worried about them.  It's just this little space we live in on the third  level of our house that  holds our bedroom, kitchen, TV room and office that is kinda ugly...yet acceptable. 

Man it will feel good to live on one level. A Bungalow built for two.  No more stairs.  As much as I hate this house for all the stairs...I love it.  It's so attractive with the vaulted ceilings and the different levels.  Now it is the time to give it to some family that has the time and energy to enjoy the all the rooms...and the back 40. 

Hey I have some  vintage 80's stuff to get rid of if you are looking for a deal.

Balonie....getting ready to make  the Friday Nite homemade pizza... It's always a crapshoot...sometimes it's  good...sometimes it tastes like ass. I love to keep Gord guessing.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Going to the house tomorrow

My friend Hippy Chick who designed the house and I will be at the site tomorrow. I can't wait until she sees what she had designed...or maybe she might not like the changes we have made.. whatever... it was mostly her vision through us. Changes are inevitable.  Unfortunately we only have access to the house on one really tiny plank going in the back door.  The front is now being framed for my porch and is closed off.  I don't know if we are young enough to walk that plank.

Counting of some really young good looking  "Framers" on getting us in the house.

"Can you carry me?"  heh

More pics then.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Part of the living room

I hope I'm not boring you guys...but I am trying to make a record of the steps in building the house.  I was going to take more pic's but my card was full and I needed to take off a lot of other pictures..damit. More to come if you are interested.  I am getting really excited now.  See the Evergreen Tree off to the left...wouldn't that look nice lit up at Christmas...however, I would have to get a crane to do it.  It looked so different inside than I imagined from the drawings. And yes even better.  That centre piece of plywood you see is where our TV entertainment unit will be and to the left where the plywood goes up will be a three sided fireplace with a half brick wall seperating the dining room from he living area. So you can see the fireplace when you come in the door, in the dining room and the living area. Kind of hard to explain. 

I will be at the job site a lot in the next few weeks and give you the low down.  I'm so happy.  Usually something bad comes around when I get happy, so I'm trying not to get TOO happy.

Off to have a roast beef dinner.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Did the shopping

I was going to use a cart instead of a basket so I could put all my goods in it.  Well here in Winnipeg you need to put a quarter in the cart to go in the store..because some people like to keep these carts for ... I don't know... looking like bag ladies...anyway..  Well, do you think I had .25 freaking cents in my purse? NO.  I would have if I would not have just come from the Library where they charged me a 1.30 late fee for the return of my books...bastards.  One day late.  Yeah I know.  I should keep some money tucked in my shoes. 

I was sitting in the truck at Safeway looking for a quarter.  I cleaned out my purse, then I started looking under the seats....and finally I remembered ..hey I have some coin in my "drink keeper thing"  where I toss in small change.  I found a quarter. Holy moly was I happy, because this was supposed to be a new journey for me.  Note to self:  keep more than a buck on you.  geez...

I made a menu this morning of next weeks meals.  Then put a grocery list together.  I checked all my cupboards and fridge beforehand and made sure I was not duplicating anything.  So far so good.  But I forgot about tonight..I guess we will have to order Pizza...oh my how did that happen?

Now just let's see if I can stay out of the stores for an entire week.  It's getting embarrassing because I think some of the staff think I work there.

I am keeping track of my spending on the Excel spreadsheet I made today ... plus I made a menu thing on it too.  It's fun being back on excel ... just like the good old days when I was working.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Food for thought.

Lately I can't put up a post to save my life.  I may have lost my mojo.  AGAIN. 

I seriously have rethink how I spend money and do my grocery shopping.  I never do a big shopping trip.  Mainly because it is to exhausting to carry 30 bags of groceries up a flight of stairs (remember we live in a 4 level split)...and I have to carry them up from the first level to the kitchen.  It was just easier after a long day of work to stop in the store and buy what we needed for supper.  Yes, I had all the staples but I still needed veggies and meat and stuff. So...that became a habit....stop in the store after work pick up bread, milk, etc. and whatever was going to be supper.  And before you know it you have stuff the freezer, fridge...leftover this and that.  When I am in the store I can't remember if we have for example...noodles for the dish I was going to I buy noodles...only to find when I get home WE HAVE THREE PACKAGES OF NOODLES... and this goes on and on. 

Right now, I have 3 packages of egg noodles, 2 packages of lazagna noodles, and1 package of spagetti noodles in the pantry.  I have two bags of basmati rice, one box of brown rice, one box of white rice, two packages of processed type of rice, and 1 can of wiild rice in the pantry.  I always under estimate the "sides" I have on hand when I am in the store. 

Normally we just have soup and sandwiches for lunch, so I always have to make sure that is on my list.  I don't like to buy processed sandwich meat...but sometimes I do because there is not always leftovers from a chicken or a roast beef from the day before. 

This week I am going to change my ways and do a full grocery run.  I know it's going to be crazy, but I am going to try.  Ten bucks says I will come out with more noodles.

I am so sick of this shit.  I just wish we could go out and eat at McDonald's already...but that is not in the cards.  We try to eat healthy but sometimes I just run on empty.  I feel guilty buying a frozen pizza for Friday night pizza suppers because I can't figure out how much grease is in it compared to what I would make homemade.  I know mine is healthy, but sometimes I just want someone else to take over.

I would like some nice greasy fried chicken ...with the skin on back ribs.....with onion rings, a nice juicy steak with french know the drill.  Just once.  I might have to try one of them and get it out of my system.  I don't even care if I have to cook it....I just want it.

Meanwhile I am going to the store tomorrow and buying the boring stuff with a real cart. instead of the hand held one.  Like a grown up.  I got my shopping list in hand. But I know I will probably change it up and then realize when I get  home I don't have what I need to complete the meals.  Old habits die hard.

Balonie has probably been messing with my head you have a head of lettuce in the crisper that is just this close to being toast?  I do.