Sunday, November 21, 2010

The early bird gets the deals.

Phew...all this snow at once.  I think we just got caught off guard with the late autumn.  More today, I thought it was over yesterday...but nope.

Tomorrow I should receive my very first Old Age Pension cheque.  well...fudge... how did it come to this?  Getting something for nothing just because you are a "raisin?" my old friend Kat used to call me.... is perplexing.  How will I ever get to use the "early bird" breakfast specials for seniors at all the restaurants?  I don't get up until ten, then shower and get ready for the day and by that time I need some coffee...and fart around on the computer ... and by that time it's time for lunch.  Missed the early bird! 

I find it really weird that people who are retired get up early.  Good lord...we did that for umpteen years of our lives being slaves to the clock...why now?  Some would say, balonie you are wasting the time you have left laying in bed snoring your last days away...I say...bullshit.  I have never felt so stress free as I do now. Even though we are in the throws  of building a new house and all the crap that entails.... my shoulders aren't clenched, every stupid thing is not such a "big deal" .... I no longer have to "fit" things in and take time off from work to accomplish what needs to be done during the daylight hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. I no longer need to squeeze every ounce of Saturday and Sunday into a weeks worth of stuff that needs to be done at home. 

This is still a learning curve for me because I still haven't learned how to do everything at a snail's pace.  Saturday is still cleaning day to me.  I seem to need deadlines for motivation.  But I have been screwing around with laundry day...even if it means ..ya gotta wear the old panties in the bottom of the pantie drawer that don't have any elastic left in them...yes I get wedgies...and sometimes they fall down in my sweat pants...but they are clean.  I have to admit that sometimes I don't realize they have fallen down until I want to climb the stairs...and my legs seem to be a little shorter than I remembered.

Sometimes I miss the pace.  But right now with building the house everything has come to a perfect balance. 

But I know shit will come to shove before the house is built. It's going to be something we never experienced before. The builders are very helpful...even though I know they think we are morons.  Hey, what do we know?..

The snow blade is back on my truck for a few days because we are expecting MORE freaking snow later this week.  I sort of like driving around with it on because I see people looking at me like I'm some tough old broad...digging out people's driveways, and drinking rum at the bar after a night of heavy lifting.

This year for some reason I am really looking forward to American Thanksgiving.  I used to think those guys push two huge holidays together in such a short time!  .. nothing good could come of that. You probably only want to see most of the extended family once a year...and now you have to do it twice in just over a month...fuck...I would have a hard time with that.  But what I do like is that here in Canada everything changes in radio, TV etc.  after your turkey is eaten.  It becomes the season..which lasts until the new year.  I used to think...those damn Americans...don't they know you shouldn't put up your Christmas tree until 2 weeks before Christmas?  OR YOU WILL BURN YOU HOUSE DOWN.  Now I know you all have aluminum or fake trees...sigh...I was worried.

My mom would  not put up the real (artificial had not been born yet) tree until two weeks before Christmas ...because she said "you would get tired of it before Christmas." Or "it will be dead before Christmas"...she who always put an aspirin the tree stand when watering it because it would live longer.  We probably were the only people in town whose Christmas tree did not have a headache.   Who the hell ever got tired of a Christmas tree before Christmas...the glowing lights and the anticipation of wearing stockings on our heads..oops placing stockings by the chimney with care... eating Japanese oranges, candy canes, and nuts that weren't available to us at any other season. The anticipation of gifts and getting together with our grandparents and cousins was exciting.

Yes, after Christmas it got rather old ... but only after the new year. Then it was time to kick by brothers ass and get on with the next year...soon it was time he was old enough to kick mine...then Christmas became complicated heh! ...

Memories...good times. I will try to conjure up some more over this season.


Marti said...

LOL, I'm only 55 and my mornings sound just like yours - without the snow.

judemiller1 said...

My friends get up at 7:00 in the morning--I ask them why? It is still dark outside. They also take naps in the afternoons--I do not. I take my nap from 7-9:00 in the morning! HAH.

Dawn said...

I am a night person and don't get up until 10 - 11 am ! But, I don't work. I have to be available for my mom and that doesn't pay ! Always enjoy reading your blog !!

Katie May (or may not) said...

I'm only 51 and not retired but work at home, setting my own hours, so I can sleep as late as I like ... and I like it. I stay up late too. My partner is asleep by nine and up bright and early and he gets to feel noble. Why? Why is that? Doesn't make sense to me. But that's how it is. I feel nobler when I get up early too!