Friday, November 05, 2010

Did the shopping

I was going to use a cart instead of a basket so I could put all my goods in it.  Well here in Winnipeg you need to put a quarter in the cart to go in the store..because some people like to keep these carts for ... I don't know... looking like bag ladies...anyway..  Well, do you think I had .25 freaking cents in my purse? NO.  I would have if I would not have just come from the Library where they charged me a 1.30 late fee for the return of my books...bastards.  One day late.  Yeah I know.  I should keep some money tucked in my shoes. 

I was sitting in the truck at Safeway looking for a quarter.  I cleaned out my purse, then I started looking under the seats....and finally I remembered ..hey I have some coin in my "drink keeper thing"  where I toss in small change.  I found a quarter. Holy moly was I happy, because this was supposed to be a new journey for me.  Note to self:  keep more than a buck on you.  geez...

I made a menu this morning of next weeks meals.  Then put a grocery list together.  I checked all my cupboards and fridge beforehand and made sure I was not duplicating anything.  So far so good.  But I forgot about tonight..I guess we will have to order Pizza...oh my how did that happen?

Now just let's see if I can stay out of the stores for an entire week.  It's getting embarrassing because I think some of the staff think I work there.

I am keeping track of my spending on the Excel spreadsheet I made today ... plus I made a menu thing on it too.  It's fun being back on excel ... just like the good old days when I was working.


Donna said...

A QUARTER FOR A BASKET???? Geeeeezzzzzz Girl! We just let the bag people Take them, here!Hahaaa
Not many do...
a quarter...Lord, Someone's making Money on That gig!
You'll do great with the weekley trips! But don't forget the Quarters!!Hahaa

Sally said...

I had no idea you had to pay for the use of a shopping cart, but it makes sense (in a way).

Good for you gettin' that shopping done. :)

Grandma K said...

You are getting way too organized in your grocery shopping and meal planning! Don't know if I can stand this!

Joan said...

You get your quarter back when you return the cart. In winter I don't bother and just leave it in the lot.