Friday, November 19, 2010

It's been a day

I forgot to turn the kitchen TV off when I was taking this turn down your speakers....

I haven't stepped out of the house once today...except to shovel this shit.  I forgot what a pain it was.  I think it must be something like child forget how much it hurt until you have another one.

The snow plows haven't been out yet in our it's pretty messy with everyone on the cul de sac blowing snow off their driveways. 

I feel kind of sad now that I see all the lovely snow on the cedar trees that we won't be putting up Christmas lights on the trees in front of house.  It always looked so beautiful.  But, they have been packed away for their  new home. 

Remember my post about trying to save money by only going grocery shopping once a week?  Screw that.  I always need something.  I should change the name of my blog from It's Always I Always Need Something!  I was getting a little nervous tonight because I didn't want to drive in this mess just to go to the store....because I needed something!  Well, after sifting through the cupboards I found all the makings of a pizza.  A pretty weird pizza...but I had flour and all the requirements for the crust.  I made a homemade crust....then discovered I didn't have pizza I used "A taste of Asia" mild chili sauce for the base. Then I found some Turkey Bacon in the freezer cut it up and threw that in...with some onions, green pepper and some frozen shrimp I found in the freezer a well.  Nice big fat shrimp. Covered it up with some low fat mozzarella cheese and threw some pineapple tidbits on top.  I haven't made it yet because Gord's got stuff to do tonight...but it will be ready when he gets here...whether he likes it or not. It weights a ton.  Most of crust..LOL.. The crust recipe said it was for a thin crust....but I think you could tie this pizza to the boots of someone in the mafia...and sink him.

My attempts at making homemade dish cloth's is coming to a close.  As much as I love to crochet I have learned that I have no patience.  None.  I follow the patterns....then think to can I do this without it being so boring...and I change it up.  This goes on for hours...until unravel the whole mess and start again....while the dog is looking at me....with her beautiful brown eyes....and giving me the " what about me" look and we go out to play...and by the time I get back I have forgotten the pattern I had in my head to begin with. 

It's a strange life I lead now. Motivation seems to be pretty much at standstill.  But we are still very busy with the house building and getting this house in shape for selling.  I'm still working on the third level...almost got that done.  Then next week up to the 2nd.....the living room... which only needs dusting and windows and curtains cleaned.  Then up to where we live the 1st. room, TV room, master bedroom, bath and kitchen. I have done a ton of stuff up here already....but the cupboards need to be oiled....along with all the window sills and's daunting....I put it off all.the.time.  I would rather be sitting at the computer ... or making up ridiculous crotchet patterns that never work.

balonie...taking her glass of wine to another room..


Donna said...

Well...With your glass of wine in one hand, just throw a cleaning clothe over your shoulder! Then when you enter a new room...swish the clothe around and then take a swig of wine! Now THAT'S Productive!LOLolol
I guess Winter's On the way!!! Wow!
NO slipping on those steps Girl!

Sally said...

I can hardly believe the difference in weather there and here. It's been years since I've seen snow, and how I wish I could watch your video! :(

judemiller1 said...

SUch a huge task--all the cleaning! Just think how cool it will be to move into a new home--on one has ever taken a bath in that tub--no one has ever used that toilet. That's what I would like about a new house--knowing I was the first one at everything.