Thursday, November 04, 2010

Food for thought.

Lately I can't put up a post to save my life.  I may have lost my mojo.  AGAIN. 

I seriously have rethink how I spend money and do my grocery shopping.  I never do a big shopping trip.  Mainly because it is to exhausting to carry 30 bags of groceries up a flight of stairs (remember we live in a 4 level split)...and I have to carry them up from the first level to the kitchen.  It was just easier after a long day of work to stop in the store and buy what we needed for supper.  Yes, I had all the staples but I still needed veggies and meat and stuff. So...that became a habit....stop in the store after work pick up bread, milk, etc. and whatever was going to be supper.  And before you know it you have stuff the freezer, fridge...leftover this and that.  When I am in the store I can't remember if we have for example...noodles for the dish I was going to I buy noodles...only to find when I get home WE HAVE THREE PACKAGES OF NOODLES... and this goes on and on. 

Right now, I have 3 packages of egg noodles, 2 packages of lazagna noodles, and1 package of spagetti noodles in the pantry.  I have two bags of basmati rice, one box of brown rice, one box of white rice, two packages of processed type of rice, and 1 can of wiild rice in the pantry.  I always under estimate the "sides" I have on hand when I am in the store. 

Normally we just have soup and sandwiches for lunch, so I always have to make sure that is on my list.  I don't like to buy processed sandwich meat...but sometimes I do because there is not always leftovers from a chicken or a roast beef from the day before. 

This week I am going to change my ways and do a full grocery run.  I know it's going to be crazy, but I am going to try.  Ten bucks says I will come out with more noodles.

I am so sick of this shit.  I just wish we could go out and eat at McDonald's already...but that is not in the cards.  We try to eat healthy but sometimes I just run on empty.  I feel guilty buying a frozen pizza for Friday night pizza suppers because I can't figure out how much grease is in it compared to what I would make homemade.  I know mine is healthy, but sometimes I just want someone else to take over.

I would like some nice greasy fried chicken ...with the skin on back ribs.....with onion rings, a nice juicy steak with french know the drill.  Just once.  I might have to try one of them and get it out of my system.  I don't even care if I have to cook it....I just want it.

Meanwhile I am going to the store tomorrow and buying the boring stuff with a real cart. instead of the hand held one.  Like a grown up.  I got my shopping list in hand. But I know I will probably change it up and then realize when I get  home I don't have what I need to complete the meals.  Old habits die hard.

Balonie has probably been messing with my head you have a head of lettuce in the crisper that is just this close to being toast?  I do.


Dawn said...

Good luck shopping !! I hate.. hate shopping. I am like you, have tons of everything, but then if I am cooking something or think I have it, I don't. Love your new background. Looks really nice !

Brenda said...

Yep, my lettuce looks that close too.

Sally said...

Oh yeah, lettuce here is toast. :)

Grandma K said...

Isn't all lettuce toast??? I thought that was the normal state.

I really think going to the store several times is better than once a week or so. I think I would spend less and waste less.

Donna said...

Hubby and I Both take a break on Friday...No one cooks! If we're hungry, we fix our Own!
I cook during the week because I get off earlier than he does...
He likes to cook most weekends and I Like That so it all works out. He gives me his part of the grocery list and I go to the store every Friday....done.
Happy cooking Miz Joan!!