Sunday, September 30, 2007

Goin to the Chapel...and we're gonna get married

One of our guys at work got married yesterday, and we went to the wedding. It was wonderful. It was a beautiful fall day and the wedding was held outside at a beautiful Golf Course by the river. There was the strumming a guitars before the wedding, and later at the reception before dinner, they had a group of musicians play classical music on the lawn. It was like in the movies!

They have been together for about 10 years and have two small children, so they decided to make it official. There was never a bride and groom that looked happier. They radiated happiness. Their two girls were the flowergirl and the ring-bearer...cute little buggets.

I don't know when, I have had such a good time. Gord and I got all spiffed up for the wedding, and as we were leaving the house, our neighbours on both sides spotted us. Frank, the ole Russian guy next door, stared at us with disbelief, and asked us where we were going, and we told him, "to a wedding." .... and he said, "you two look beautiful, I must take a picture". WHAT? Are you telling us we look like shit the rest of the year? Seriously, I don't think I have ever been out on the front street without my sweatpants and snot coming from my in comparison, this might have looked "cleaned up." How embarrasing! Yet sweet. A crowd started to gather...fudge... wives came out and complimented us...oy! this is the pic he took of us with my camera...I thought if we were doing a photo op, I might have one for my records. Click if you want to see old fart wrinkles.

Don't we look sweet, I think I had something in my eye. I'm getting new glasses next week and getting rid of these old babes. Somethimes you can actually dress us up and take us out.

To keep it short, we had a great dinner, everything was done in a "fall" theme"..they had turkey for dinner and it was delicious. The 3 bridesmaid dresses were in sage green, rust and brown, to match the vests of the groomsmen. Very cool.

Her brother was the MC for the evening and he should have been a stand up comic...Gord and I were laughing so hard we were crying. Man, he.was.funny. I met him later on the outside balcony when I went out to have a smoke, and I asked what he did for a living (because I was sure he was comedian) and he said he was a lawyer in Toronto..thar you go...he told me, you have to make you clients laugh before they cry....Jeez he was funny, and it takes some funny shit to made me laugh. Then I asked him to marry me. But being a lawyer, and 30 years my juniour he declined. He said I was probably a little too mature for him, damit...those bitches at Safeway got to him. I'm fed up now!!

Few more pic's...

And there is the teenie little ring bearer.

She never missed a beat all night, but by 11:00 PM she ran out of juice and danced with mommy in her arms
And she started to cry.....and cry. But she was such a trooper all day.

I can't say I have ever had such a good time at a wedding than this one.

I changed my picture on the blog today and cut Gordon out of it from the original pic..heh..there isn't enough room for both of us in this blog.

Sunday night supper: Chickhhhen. Baked, boring, and there will be enough for good sammiches for the next few days.

Gord's good friend I was talking about a few blogs ago, died yesterday. Gord was sad, but glad that he didn't have to suffer anymore. I will miss him and his family, such as they were. I was going to find some pic's of our good times together, but it meant scanning and I didn't have time today. God bless him. He was lucky to have a good friend like Gordon who never judged him.

Well, the chicken dinner, she is making me sleepy... and I think I might just go to my nest...and have me a good nap.

Kuddo's to Special K who was such a good sport about the sign I posted in my sidebar this weekend and have since taken down. I'm lucky to have a friend like her who likes to laugh...And gets it.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I found this really neat site that let's you put shit like this up on your blog or sidebar and add you own text. As you can see I took advantage of it. I still haven't fixed my side bar with all my links and stuff. There was a widget that lets you the viewer click on it and it will add your link to my list. I know this is old news, but old news, is always new news to me. Say that fast 30 times. My thinking was....(which is not that thinkingissh) most days, I wouldn't have to put up a link list, and HAVE IT DESTROYED, by blogger when I put up a new template, and have to do it ALL over. I'm using the ole "noggin"..huh? Or maybe, just maybe I don't get it and that in fact this widget won't do what I think it will. It won't be the first time I have been fooled ..

My "Stinking Lincoln"..has been giving me some grief this week. For three days, the ole girl was displaying signs of dementia. She couldn't remember to start when I turned on the ignition, and once I got her going, she pissed a cloud of smoke through her notsomuch enviromentally friendly sidepipes. Birds were falling out of the trees...squirrels hid in their nuts, the sun disappeared, and GOD shook his finger at her.

I knew it was time to get some help. I called Dr. Gordygoodguy to giver the once over. He took off her air cleaner...I was embarrased for her, because that is a girly thing, and what happens in your air cleaner stays in your air cleaner.

Then Doc Gord made her lay down and put her feet up in the stirrips, and proceeded to check the coil to her distributor. From my vantage point is was very much like my doctor putting in an IUD and taking it out to check it if I had enough spark left for more sex. After some pushing and pulling, Gord deemed her coil was not reaching the contacts (youknowhere). Menopause I suspect. But, with all the pulling and pushing, the coil (girl) made contact with the (boy)contacts in the distributor..which makes more baby Lincolns, and she rallied. Then she quit stalling and acting like a old fart. Now we just have to get a bigger penis for the boy part. Problem solved.

I find it troubling these days with all the new cars. They don't have any common sense. Everything is computerized and they have an engine light that goes on and says, "check engine" when they feel like it. Okay. Now we have to take it to the dealer and find out what is wrong. "WTF"...F3 means you have a squirrel in your engine...F4 means your timing is out of whack F5 means you are fucked....etc,. Nobody can fix their own car anymore. Gord bought the Computer Sensor Device Analizer so he can usually figure out what is wrong with our Explorer before we go to the garage and they take our first born dogs.

Gord and I have been looking for Conversion Vans high and low in Canada and the US on the internet this week. Hopefully he can find one soon, so I don't have to drive the the big FATKAT STINKING LINCOLN ..anymore. If you have a Black Ford or GMC with beige leather interior fancy assed van that meets with Canada's strict standard of importing them to Canada let me know...Explorers are good, Eclipes are good, Regency are good..I want this over hear!! I beg you...I can't take it anymore.........I am on my knees. USED if possible.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MOTHER GOOSE.. I have an issue with your flock

Nothing worse than dog shit, is goose shit. Try walking in my park. When will God finally show them the way South. Fly my little shitty one's......keep on honking and flying, unless you want to be in my oven. I'd love me some goose. It's all brown meat, and greasy. And yee early birds who land in the pond next door to me, would you mind keeping the noise down at 6 fucking O clock in the morning? While I am still laying in my cozy waterbed dreaming up shit to make every one's life miserable at work. Away with you. I mean it. SCAT The more time you take out my morning sleep time the better off they are. I live to kick my boy's asses at work. They depend on me for direction.

The guys we have at work are great. Just in case you just tuned in, I work for an Electrical Contracting company and we are a just like family. So, we kid around all the time. I love it. We even get to go to a wedding this weekend for one of our guys. It's at my favourite place, where we had our Christmas party last December. I'm looking forward to that. I hope they have the meatballs we had at Christmas!

Gotta fly, supper is almost ready...

Friday, September 21, 2007

A little bit O everything

Just to start off the blog, why not take a look at some dog shit. It actually looks like a little bunny, but it's noooot. Because I stepped into the second load right behind it. I'm still scraping it off of my shoes. Bastard.

Since I have been so tongue tied lately I thought I might bore you with random pictures of pretty well much nothing of interest. I wanted to take my camera to Safeway today and get a pic of the clerk who dissed me yesterday, but I forgot it my car. Lucky sumabitch.

Talking about forgetting.........this week alone I have lost my camera, garage door opener, USB cable for my camera, and some important legal documents of Gord's. The good news is after, searching FORFUCKINGEVER, I found the camera, it was in my winter parka pocket one day when it got cold. I took it down to the back yard to shoot some pic's of Penny and left it in the pocket. I found the missing documents, that slipped down beside my file folder into the filing cabinet. I still don't know where the hell my garage door opener is, and my USB cable for the camera!! I spent more time looking for things than getting stuff done. I need a vacation. Tomorrow I am going to clean all the clutter out of this office and get it organized. But that doesn't solve where the hell my garage door opener went. It's always on the seat of my car...and today it went buhbye. It's bad enough I have to drive the big mother Lincoln this summer, and then get out of the car, go inside the house to open the garage door, go back out, and get the car in back in the garage...while being poisoned...yes poisoned by the fumes from a 1979 Lincoln with tail pipes the size of a large whale.

I hold my breath going in and out of that beast. We have been having serious discussions about the vehicles I have been forced to drive these last few years. Remember the BIG HONKING CONVERSION VAN?...then finally I got the Explorer, which was reasonable and trust worthy. But then Gord sold the BIG HONKING CONVERSION VAN and needed the Explorer until he found the RIGHT truck for his business. Well, that hasn't happened folks...I am still living in the 7-tees. I am quite a sight on the road every day, people point at me, and small kids .... yell .. I love your car... bicycle riders who come up along side of me on the road, fall down on the pavement dead from the fumes. That is the only advantage. No wonder why I get asked if I am a senior at Safeway, they can smell the fumes of stinking Lincoln a mile away.

Yep, she's a beaut...but I need to move on

Do you see those big pipes on the side? Do you know how many time I have burned the back of my legs on those mothers? Who drives cars like this anymore, no one, unless you have a pimp.

I was looking for pic's of THE BIG HORKING VAN, but I think I took all that stuff off and put them on a CD.

Okay, I set out to do pic's today until I got all crazy about the car stuff.

I know everyone whats to see pictures of my dog..... (click the little X) if you don't, you dweebes.

I nose you were waiting for this. Someone has their nose out of joint here. What, no play time? Penny Loafer, I love throwing your ball. But, sweetie it would be so much more fun if you would get it...when I threw very much more fun. I find myself getting dizzy, throwing....and retrieving ..while you watch. By the end of play time, your mom is a teensie bit tired, and has to go in and drink wine. You are to blame.

She is getting older, she is only "half" the dog she used to be. But she has muscles, but not from running to get her fucking ball!! And yes, I know she needs a nail clip. She is prancing like a princess these days, I just haven't had time to take her in to get it done. God forbid I pull out the clippers, she'd be a snarling mess and I'd be missing limbs. I might source down to the time I clipped her nails when she was a puppy and made some of them bleed, it has never been the same since.

As she is getting older...this is her only one good "eye"..which is much like a rear view mirror. She can see out that third back eye, I swear. I can't make a move without her knowing where I am.

I call this one "Elf Ears" gone wrong. She will never make Santa's list.

Hey, mama, you talking trash about ME?

Yes, Penny I am. Now go and get that stinking ball, you dinkhead!

Twilight on on our street

Clouds are coming in.

Isn't this beautiful?

I'm a dogmother, Penny just had a healthy "baby ball" weighed in at 1 oz, multi coloured, and is of Germanic background. I don't know who the father is yet, but I suspect the Lutheran German Shepard next door. I see him eating plastic bags all the time, this is what happens folks, when you train your dogs with the "Asshole Whisperer." His dogs spawn plastic.

Update: I started this blog of Friday. Gord found my garage door opener. It was under the drivers seat of the pimp car. I probably threw it under there after my "john" left, I always throw it on the passenger seat, but somehow she crawled to the drivers side, no fault of my own. I didn't know that it had legs. I found the USB cable for my old camera, which I lost a year ago when I cleaned up the office today, but now I still can't find the one from my new one! Oy Vey...she is coming from bad to vorst. Where is the oven, I need to stick my head in it. Vats wit me?

Sunday night supper: Porcupine meat balls (roasted in the roaster) ya know like good ole times. Mit some carrots and peas, and de mashed taters. Mix it all about and you will sink like a rock after you eat all this shit.

But, it's all almost fat free, and good for the soul.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fall on the prairies....

I found a good one, but it's not exactly on the prairies, it would be closer to Alberta, than Manitoba, but it looks the same on the fields. I would kill to live in that area of Alberta where the prairies meet the mountains. Now, I am happy. I got rid of those humpy back camels and sent them back to the desert. I don't know what I was thinking.. I never do.

I'm having a blog slump....oops...I just fell down again...and I can't get up... I can't get the words out. I have many words living in the stump of my brain, but they are being held hostage by "no time for myself"... and I dwell on the the templates, because I can't put down what I want to say. Sometimes I can't hear myself think.

Okay, here is what I want to say. (blank) ...ohh yeah I had a sore in my nose last week, and I diagnosed it as "nose cancer" I pretty well spent all of last week sticking my dirty fingers up my nose and messing around in there, much to the delight of my co-workers and those who were driving beside me on the road. I don't have nose cancer, it healed, and now I might have toe cancer I am not sure, because my toe was red. But today it turned white again. Pheww. Isn't that interesting, I have become a nut case.

I'm thinking it's baloniefarthead who is trying to screw with my head again. Sometimes that happens this time of the year, when the summer fades and I am feeling the "fall" of my years.

Which reminds me... I went to Safeway AGAIN on "Seniors Wednesday"...gawwww..and was asked AGAIN... if I was a senior. I know the clerks are supposed to ask anyone who has a flabby face with facial hair if they are eligible.......but for fortheloveofmyepidermis..shutthefuck up! You are pissing me off. Put up a sign dinkheads...."If you are a senior please ask for your damn discount!!" Don't make me say NO I am not a senior...because now you have ruined my already shithouse day... I hate being categorized. I am just me. I am a person. And now I will never get a date for the prom.

l am missing my friend Ellen, and I think of her every day. I pause, when I see her blog on my links, I want to go in, but I really don't want to go back there because it's just too painful. But, I can't delete it. I miss her. I also think about Curtis, who now has to take another course in his life without her. Life ...sometimes ...just sucks like a sore toe. Thinking about you all the time buddy.

Tomorrow, I plan to get my mojo on, it's Friday... let's see what happens. And, if I have to go to Safeway for some groceries, I'm going to kick a few of the toy boy newbies they they have going around in the isles asking you if you have found what you are looking the nuts! I need a little respect. R. E. S. P. E. C.T. sing it!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Okay then...

I'm not moving yet, because I got so emotional and couldn't leave blabber, oops I mean blogger.. but I really hate those camels...what was I thinking.

I just can't....I wrote a post in Word Press and I was...all, like I don't give a crap Blogger you mean nothing to me, and when I came back here to take off my archieves and I went all teary eyed. Shucks ......

So, I wasted all that time telling all of you how much I loved word press and spouted off about "change is good"..... I couldn't do it. This is my home...feck it.

I was getting cocky...and you can see that in my post

Someone should kick my ass. Line up! hup hup

Maybe, I should just use both, now I'm getting stupid.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Well, where were youse guys?

Today I started a new blog on Word Press. It will be a work in progress, but holy mackeral, I am so hard pressed for good templates on blogger I couldn't resist the lovely ones they have over there. I admit it. Try to put me into template detox, and I will bite your ass!! Or, maybe poke you in the eye, ask Gord how good that feels.

I can see I have made a bad choice to blog outside on the deck tonight, because my fingers are getting stiff, and I'm wearing a parka. I lit 4 candles thinking it would stave off the cold, but they are toooooo teeeniee. The dog had the good sense to go why am I here? It's Friday night, Gord is out with his friends for another hour or so, and I have some peace and quite....all to myself. But it's colder than I antcipated. I can hear all the sounds around me, dogs barking, neighbours talking over the fence, geese honking, traffic on route 90. I can hear a jackhammer way off in the distance, going "tat a tat" "tat a tit."..oops. It doesn't bother me because I know it's coming from my Safeway about a km away...and they are redoing the whole store and parking lot. Knowledge makes that noise acceptable, because that store was starting to piss me off. Downside: I won't know where anything is again for about a month.

But, I have to get in to my other computer in the house, because my nose..she is froze.

Short get warmed up, fill up the glass of wine, and give de dog a bone.

De bone has been given, and de dog she looks at me with much love. Wine glass she is filled and I look at it with much love, and I am now warm. De fingers she are working again. De brain...I don't know so much how she is working....let's see.

So, how was your day? It seems I have lost all my consentration by walking 20 feet from one computer to the other. Oy! My nose she is unthawed, which is a good thing, because, well, just that.

It's dark at 8:00 PM ... I don't like that.

So, how was your day....or did I just say that? Let me just scroll up..YUP.

Oh, here we are again, just you and me. How was your day? ...heh. I crack myself up. I shouldn't be kidding around, because Special K will come around and say ..Joan ..were you drunk blogging? Sometimes she doesn't get the balonie part of me. Or maybe she does.

I just don't feel like telling a story of my week today, I just want to fart around, because my week was uneventful. I did't have a diarrea, which alway makes for a good blog, no one died in my family, thank god, Gord is doing good, and hasn't brought any dead dogs to the house lately, which makes me very happy.

Which brings me to some unhappyness.

I was going to the bank yesterday and I was on a four lane highway. In the meridian was a little grey squirrel. I was stopped at a red light on the right hand side of the highway. This little grey squirrel was determined to try to scoot across two lanes to the left. Then, the lights changed and all those from the left turning lane missed him by an inch, he sat there all curled up trying to be invisable. My light hadn't changed yet, and I saw he had an opportunity to run for it and he did, but he ran underneath a red Honda, which was still waiting for the lights to change to go the other way. I saw him under there as I moved on. I prayed he would make it safely to the other side. When I left, I didn't know if he got across or not.

After I came back from the bank, and was on the highway again, I was looking for him, because if he would have been killed it would have been on my side of the highway coming back. I was dreading coming up to the light,.....but there he was, underneath yet another car, with the wind blowing his beautiful tail. All I could see he was dead. I wanted so deperately to get out of my car when I first saw what was happening and stop the traffic, and chase him to safety, but I couldn't do it because this intersection was so busy, I would have got killed. I know, it was just a squirrel and we have so many of them in our back yards, but this little poor creature did not use his "noggin"..and I'm seriously thinking his mother ate to much fermented fruit before he was born.

I shed a few tears after that. As I was driving down the highway in my 76 stinking Lincoln.

Yeah...balonie has feelings too....even tho she is evil...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just know..messing around

It's so cold outside, you would think it was fall. And unlike other years when I look forward to this time of year, I don't.

When winter comes I will loose the deck outside my kitchen that serves as another room. A beautiful room outside on the patio.

I always did like fall, but for some reason this year is different, everything is different since Gord's incident. I was waiting to get past the 6 month mark, and then I would feel a little less anxious, ...and I have. But some days are better than others. We go about our lives as normal, but there is always that dark side that creeps in my mind, and does the "what if's." I guess that is normal. Gord is pretty sick of me checking to see if he is still breathing at night. If I don't hear him breathing or snoring...I casually turn over and gently poke him in the eye. If I get the response I want, like "what in the fuck are you doing." I turn over and go back to sleep like it never happened and mumble ...Oops, sorry, I hope that wasn't your good eye!

I am such an asshole.

But, that is a given.

Everyone has there own way of dealing with shit. This is mine.

Sheila and I have more road trips in mind. We had such a good time last weekend when we went to see Hippychick, we thought we should explore small Manitoba towns on Saturday afternoons. We would especially like to go back to few we found ..when we were lost last weekend. That is, if we can find them again. Or, just find new places and get lost and try to find our way back home. I'm thinking we might have to get a GPS system, but that would take the fun out of it. I would love to go to these small towns and get the feel of it, and the people. We have such a diverse population in Manitoba, French, Mennonite, Ukrainian, Metis, German, Icelandic..etc. it's just a melting pot of opportunity to explore the small towns who still keep their heritage. And most of all ....get my sorry ass out of the house, and start to see beyond the borders of my back yard.

I can't fix everything, for my hubby, my bro and all those I worry about so much all the time. I'm thinking I need to do something for myself. Sheila is a cancer survivor, and she is the one who keeps telling me....get moving...while the moving is good.. well, I hope she has a full gas tank this weekend, because I'm ready to roll! I'm paying.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I have so many issues

#1.) I don't know how to spell hemorrhoids, so ... did I really have them? Was spell check having a painful day as well, or did I even spell check it? Issues abound.

#2.) I am cooking a free range chicken in the oven whilst we speak. He hasn't got away from me yet. The chicken seems perfectly happy to sit in my 350 degree oven, so I'm guessing his "free range days are over." Ohhhh, I get it, he was allowed to forage for his food and wasn't kept in a barn full of his best friends before they chopped off his head. I still remember when my mom and dad killed chickens in fall..lawdy there was so mucha squawking going would have thought someone was getting murdered. Dad always invited me out to watch them walk around without their heads....I think we had the same sense of humour. "Dad"..that one is going to hit a tree." "No he won't, he's heading for the neighbours." Today, those memories are a little unsettling. And just after they were killed and quit walking around, like chickens with their heads cut off, they would pluck..em. (are you eating?..don't) Then it was time to pluck them in the sink in the kitchen. Stinky Stinky Poo. The last part was to hold them over an open fire and burn of the the rest of the feathers. Damn it I hated that. I might order Pizza...

#3.) If you are still here. I have an issue with road signs. SIL Sheila and I did a road trip to Hippychicks new digs on the farm about two hours from the city in Ridgeville Manitoba. The blind were leading the blind. Before we started, I told her we would be making a left hand turn in a town called St. Malo. We motored on, and on, and on, yakking, and yakking and yakking. Then I casually mentioned that I had not seen a sign indicating St. Malo. OOPsie...she said she had seen it about ten minutes ago..well hells bells that is where we were supposed to turn! So, we turned around and went back where she saw the sign, and it said ST MALO..26kms ahead..arrrrr..jeezzzz

So, we turned around again and kept on going until we figured out where in the hell we were going. Okay, that's not true, we finally did get to St. Malo, and took the by-pass road that didn't lead into town, and then started to second guess ourselves. We didn't have a map or a GPS system, because we don't like knowing where we are going. So, we turned back ONCE MORE, and went into town and stopped at a little Meat Shop to ask for directions. The sign outside said "Butcher Wanted"...Sheila who is totally pissed off at her job in the city decided to ask for directions and fill out an application for the butcher job.

Alrighty, the people who were running this store had just bought it and didn't have a clue where Ridgeville was!! F*k. When we were coming out we pounced on an old man pulling up to the shop, and asked him directions. He said, he was just visiting his son and didn't know. Well, did we just enter the TWILIGHT ZONE? Is there anyone here who REALLY lives here? The ole guy said we should just turn down the next road and go into town and ask someone at the Co-op, they would know. So we drove into the parking lot; I didn't want to have to go into the Co-op and look stupid, so I jumped out of the car and grabbed the first guy getting out his car to go into the store....I think I scared him. I said, "Excuse me, can you give me directions to Ridgeville". He stepped back, and then I got the Twilight Zone feeling...zombie like. But, no, his kids were just trying to get out of the car and sort of pushed him back. But he still looked confused, and then I said we were coming from 59 highway, and were told to turn into St. Malo when we saw the sign (but not go into the town) and then keep on going down that highway. He said you were just on the highway to Ridgeville, you should have not come into town like you were told. Okay... so we aren't roadies just yet, this is our first trip. EXCUSE OUR IGNORANCE.

We get back in the car ..drove a half a mile when we saw the sign that said Ridgeville. Fudge, we kept second guessing ourselves. And we kept on driving, and driving, looking at cows grazing, newly baled hay.. rolling hills, bush, cows grazing, newly baled hay... rolling hills, bush ...and we looked at each other, and asked "when will this lovely scenery ever end and should we phone 911 because we were lost and the cows started to look menacing. Just as we were breathing into paper bags, we came upon a small intersection, and it said Ridgeville 20 kms. Good grief Charlie Brown, we took the bags off of our faces and booted SIL's old beater in that direction.

We could see the grain elevator in the horizon, and we knew a town was close at hand. When we got close enough we could see the grain elevator had not been in operation in about 20 years. TWILIGHT ZONE....... We inched into town. We started down the main drag, and most of the buildings were derilect. Further down, was a lumber supply store, but we couldn't really discern if it was viable, and then down the street was a Community centre "which displayed in large letters" BEER VENDOR" we knew someone had to live here...Hippychick!! It's a dying Manitoba small town, the elevators have been relocated and people have moved on. Janis (hippychick) wanted someplace for her retirement and chose this little tiny town of about 30 to do that. Farmers from around the area still come to town, but most go to bigger centres. This is a place where everybody knows you name. Most of the buildings are in disrepair.

So, we finally found her house at the edge of town. It was a gem. It is a modern farm house, with all the charm of the old days within her property. She has done and amazing job of clearing out the yard and adjacent property she bought. She only lives there 3 days a week for now, and will retire in May and live there permanently after that. She is not new to farm life, because she grew up on one and still has the know how to deal with it. She isn't really farming, but it is a homestead without all the amenities of the city.

Okay, I've been talking too much...lets see some pics

Back of the house

Garden and fields up yonder as they say.

I would love to explain all the pics, but blogger won' t let me put text in between them.. I hets you blogger smogger. But its the town, her house and garden... Isn't it grand. She has some guts, and I admire her. We had best meal on Saturday too. She got some smoked ribs from a Hutterite Colony about a mile from her house, and made fresh green bean soup ....just like home.

Mary Lou.. my blogger mentor just explained how to separate the pic's so I will comment on them. A day late, I know.

This is the side yard with vines growing over an pretty.

A bridge that goes nowhere, but hey you never know when a flood could occur.

Her Country kitchen, this house is so bright an airy, it feels like home. The cabinets are out of the 50's...with "whatnot" shelves beside the kitchen window, and the hardware on the cabinets still have little press locks on them to open and close them.. too cool.

A picture after our lunch, with friends who dropped in from the city, SIL Sheila, my driver, is in the background and Janis is the blonde on the right.

After some consideration when she bought her property, the town of Ridgeville said if she wanted to buy the property beside her that was over grown and had a old building on it, for a $1.00 .. she did. So now she owns this property too. She has cleaned it all up and it looks great. She just has to wait until someone burns it down, but for now it's a painting waiting to be painted. They used to fix tractors etc in there. I should have taken a picture of the front, and then you would be able to see the old square store frontage with the sign on it.

You can see she has a lot to mow... I suggested getting a goat. This is a pic of a non functioning church across the street. Something about flooding. I don't know where the 10 people in town worship.

This is her Cistern. She doesn't have a well so water has to be trucked in from the guy that owns the hardware store in town. If you look close you will see a happy head ...that covers the cistern. (note to those that don't know what a cistern is a underground water tank for those that don't have water in their town.

I don't know what this is...but it looks happy.

Kohlrabi....and cabbage ... yum

The pic on top of this one is of her greenhouse where a pumpkin seed grew before she even moved in late spring, and it overtook the entire pumpkin seed!!! Can you see my reflection in the greenhouse window?

More cabbage....the deer ate all her beets! Buggers!

Hippychick and Sheila digging carrots., while I was doing...nothing.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Where is JimBob?

I owe the guy 5.00 bucks ..US .... he must be rich because he hasn't come foward to collect. Wuss!!...heh, think that might get him out from under the bleachers? JimBob...I'm waiting, I have the cash, don't worry about my Mastercard fiasco last month, we will just have to eat a little less this month to make ends meet; so like I said I OWE you, lets get it out in the open:)

SIL and I are taking a road trip tomorrow to hippychicks new digs on the farm. I'm looking forward to it. She moved in a few months ago, but has only been doing weekends there.

I hope our means of transportation, won't give me hemroids, because I can't say it often enough, Hemroids make my crabby. Hemroides hurt my butt. I never want to have them again...ever. I have had them twice in my life; and sitting on a rubber inner tube wasn't pretty. Especially at work. I had my share of ointments, and slimey little suppositories I shoved up my butt. Gawwd it hurt. And felt so good, as the pain went away, UNTIL.. you had to take another crap!! Fart!! ...oops no, that would have hurt too.

Have you ever had hemroids? Don't wish that on you worst friend. Sit, Stand, Sit Stand..lay, that hurts too. Sit, Stand. Sit, push your tush to the right and then to the left, and do it over 8765 times until you can't take it anymore and stick another suppository up you ass. Annnnnd just after that you have to go again, and owwwwwwwwwwwies....and it starts all over again. Who invented hemroids? I want to kill that son of a bitch. Yeah, I know there was no inventer .. I watch "Are you smarter than a fifth grader" I know my stuff. heh.

I don't know how I got from telling you I was going to Hippychicks farm tomorrow to hemroids... I guess it was kismet or kiss my arse..okay, I need a nap. close to taking over... I can feel it.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I just got my Mastercard bill

Was I on drugs? I decided about three weeks ago that since I am now 30 lbs. lighter I might want to give up some of my Value Village clothes size XL. I'm stepping on the bottom of pants that are hanging off my hips, and damn near doing a face plant every day. So, I bought 3 pairs of jeans, tops (with a hoodie of course), panties, bra's, and socks (which still are the same size). My skinny ass legs and feet never change. Then I bought Gord all new underwear, and socks. After that I bought a new pant suit for Ellen's Memorial, jewellery and then I bought and bought stuff I didn't need, because buying was so much fun.

I went a little crazy. I don't need the over the sink vegetable cutting board I bought, I have a perfectly good one. That's going back. BUT, I bought a very handy dandy Bissell rug sweeper. If you have dogs in the house, this is the best for the in- between vacuming times..okay every second Saturday if I am up to it..heh. Jest kiddin, every three weeks if I don't see hair growing out of the rugs.

It seems the older I get the less I care about being Ms. Tidie. It will wait. There is always to much bullshit going on in our lives to worry other than a little dog hair or a few crumbs. I don't worry about dust, because I can't see it unless the sun comes in and I go "holy shit". After that, I give myself a good spanking, and say to myself, self, did you not see that dust? Self says, yes I did, but just seemed like so much work. whine.

The writing is on the wall. If Gord ever dies, I will be a bag lady. I will have a Schwinn bicycle ( I know this because I bought one 20 years ago, and it's still in our garage)...and I will peruse your garbage. It's white. So, you will recognize me. I will be wearing a red hoodie and jeans. But I think the tires are flat, I don't know if I can pedal that hard. Let's see.

I have to get the house ready for sale by next summer, so I'm thinking, lets just put out every piece of furniture we own (one at a time) on garbage day, by next summer we should be able hear an echo in this place. It will be just Gord, Penny and me and my laptop. I like to travel light.

Now I just have to figure out a way to pay my Mastercard. I am bringing a pail of plums from my plum tree to my boss tomorrow (because he loves his plums) and ask for a raise. Wish me luck. I might just be plumb out of luck...who know's.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

My Gordie Good Guy..

I couldn't find a better picture of him today, because I just removed a trillion pics from my computer and this is the only one left, other than the "plow boy" series. He has since lost a ton of, you go plow boy!!

I always knew Gord was a very kind, and sympathetic soul. His kindness has got him into some deep doo doo when people interpreted his caring for being a busy body. He was never that, he always just wants to do the right thing, and sometimes he steps on peoples toes without meaning to. He has always had other peoples best interest in mind, even though you wouldn't guess if from his gruff exterior.

Over this last year he has been visiting an old friend. His name is Ron. Gord went to a Technical College after high school, and took a Refrigeration and Appliance course. After graduation he applied at Eaton's who were at that time a huge store in Winnipeg. They sold and did appliance repair, and he was very anxious to get on with them....and he did.

There he met his mentor, Ron. Ron showed him the ropes and guided him through his career until Gord started his own business. Ron was a Race Car Driver, Gord liked racing, so they became fast friends. I soon met his wife after that, and we became good friends as well. Ron loved motor homes, and he and his wife and son would go to all the races with it all over the US. Of course, Gord wanted a motor home too, so we bought an old one because we didn't have the bucks for the fancy crap, and spent many weekends with them camping out in the Whiteshell. They always said, if you have motor home, you have to have a it was then I got the love of my Munchie the motor home diva. With my sweet daddy wearing his hat.

It became apparent about 10 years ago, Ron had a drinking problem, and things went from bad to worse in his marriage. His wife of 43 years left him. Since then things have slowly been slipping away from him. He too had started a business after leaving Eaton's, and this was slowly starting to get away from him because he drank too much. Gord used to see him about once a week, because he repaired Timers" for appliances, so their friendship continued long after his wife left him. His son, took over the business about a year ago and brought it to his house to run. His dad was not able to look after it properly.

Since then Gord has made an effort to stop in his house at least once every two weeks or so, and look in on him. Well, these last two months have been an eye opener. Ron used to have his little repair shop in the basement of his home, and now he decided he was going to live in the basement. It was a business/rec room down there. He had all the amenities to live comfortably down there if needed. But, as time went on Gord found him drinking more and more...he wasn't taking care of himself anymore, his feet were swollen like balloons. Gord tried to get him to go to a doctor, but he flatly refused. When he and his wife separated, he kept their little poodle "Blackie". Blackie is now blind and deaf, and could not even find his water bowl and food when Gord came over.. And Ron could not get off his was so bad. Gord was carrying the little poodle to his dish for water, and trying to get Ron to eat... all I can say it was sad.

On the day of Ellen's memorial, Gord dialed into his messages on his answering machine at work . There was one from Ron. "I have fallen off my chair, and I cannot not get up." Gord went into panic mode...this was ten minutes before we were about to leave for the chapel!! So, we decided to split up, he would go to Ron's house and I would try to find the funeral chapel on my own...yikes...I'm the worst at following directions ...and this was on the other side of the city which I wasn't familiar with. I got there driving the big ole stinking Lincoln which takes up two car lengths on the street. I should have taken the Explorer, but we were in a panic and forgot. When Gord got there, Ron was on the floor, unable to move, and pissed off. Gord told him he was going to call 911 and get him to the hospital. Ron refused, and said "Gord, if you do that our friendship is over". Gord was hurt and confused. He propped him back in his chair, got him a bucket to piss in, and brought down some water and food (which he never eats anyway). He managed to get to the chapel just as the service started.

The man has been helpless for the last two weeks after he couldn't walk anymore...sitting downstairs in a basement with a his deaf and blind dog, who was dying as well. Where was the family you say!!! ....Yeah, they were doing tough love. You brought this on, you deal with it!! Gord and I have been through two other experiences with his sisters who were alcoholics, so I know people just don't want to deal with it, because usually you get your ass kicked if you try.

Today Gord made a decision this morning, he was going to get Ron the help he needed and that was the end of it.. so what...if Ron didn't want to be his friend anymore. And he did it!!
Ron had told him yesterday, if Gord could get a doctor to come a see him (in his dirty filthy basement) he would do what the doc ordered. Gord didn't really believe him because he has been farting around saying this..and that and never following through...

So, this morning, we called every crisis line in the city to try to get some help. No house call doc's available on the long weekend. Gawwww.. Gord didn't want to call 911, with all the hoopla included to scare Ron finally after 10 calls someone suggested we phone the "Paramedics"...who will come to your home and assess you without the whole siren shit and give you the real facts to the patient. Gord thought Ron would think they were doctors and would be able to deal with it...And it worked .

He went with them to the hospital without a wimper. Gord followed, and met them at the hospital and stayed with him until he was admitted and settled. Ron thanked him profusely telling him he was so grateful for being their for him. What a turn around. The paramedics told Gord that they thought that Ron would never again be able live in that home again by himself, and would be probably be have to be sent to a nursing home facility....sooo my Gord had to make another decision....the dog.

He called me at 4:00 today and said I got one problem solved, Ron is in the hospital, but I can't leave his little buddy Blackie, blind and deaf in this basement, I have another decision to make. I said I will call the Pembina Veterinary clinic, I know they have a 24 hr. ER for pets. Poor ole Blackie can't even hardly walk, so Gord scooped him up and put in a little basket he found in the house and brought him to the clinic, and had him euthanized. The poor little guy was so dehydrated they could even find a vein, so the had to it the hard way, through the heart, and they wouldn't even let Gordon in to say goodbye. Gordon loves animals, and this just broke his heart, he told me he was crying in the vet's office...My Gord doesn't cry too often...

So, he came home, and we sat on the deck and talked. He told me all the gorry details, and then he said, I wonder what I should do with the dog...THE DOG!..I thought the dog was dead....yes, he said but he is my truck..THE TRUCK! Yes, he said, in a teenie dog coffin..DOG COFFIN?

So, now I got a dead dog in our truck on the driveway in a coffin. He didn't want to dispose of the dog before he gets in touch with his son tomorrow when he gets back from the long weekend at the lake ..I'm guessing if he let his father to get in this state,......he won't be giving a crap about the dog... But that's not how Gordon's mind works...He covers his bases.

He went to bed a few minutes ago, finally....after three days of total stress with his friend. I'm so glad it is over, because he does not need this...and I worry.

I still can't believe I have a dead dog in our truck.. He was so emotional when he came home, he said he couldn't put him on the cold garage floor, so he left him on the seat in his little coffin with the windows open.......What was he thinking? Good thing we have the day off tomorrow, to find a home for "Blackie".... we will take him out to our new new property we bought, and let the little guy rest in peace. He deserves it.

Does anyone's world get weirder than ours??