Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MOTHER GOOSE.. I have an issue with your flock

Nothing worse than dog shit, is goose shit. Try walking in my park. When will God finally show them the way South. Fly my little shitty one's......keep on honking and flying, unless you want to be in my oven. I'd love me some goose. It's all brown meat, and greasy. And yee early birds who land in the pond next door to me, would you mind keeping the noise down at 6 fucking O clock in the morning? While I am still laying in my cozy waterbed dreaming up shit to make every one's life miserable at work. Away with you. I mean it. SCAT The more time you take out my morning sleep time the better off they are. I live to kick my boy's asses at work. They depend on me for direction.

The guys we have at work are great. Just in case you just tuned in, I work for an Electrical Contracting company and we are a just like family. So, we kid around all the time. I love it. We even get to go to a wedding this weekend for one of our guys. It's at my favourite place, where we had our Christmas party last December. I'm looking forward to that. I hope they have the meatballs we had at Christmas!

Gotta fly, supper is almost ready...


Brenda said...

It's still too hot for the geese and ducks to fly through here. Probably not enough water on their feeding grounds yet either. Maybe they'll leave you alone soon though, I hear it's been a little cooler above the Mason Dixon line.

What's for supper?

Joan said...

Breaded Basa Fillets, with wild rice and bean salad. It was pretty good. I have had a hard time finding something that is not fattening to bread stuff with, until I found cornflakes crumbs...duhh ... that is an old standard I forgot about, I always used ritz cracker crumbs..which are loaded with fat.(but tastes so good). It was great to have a crispy crust again. I'm going to use it for chicken etc...and just add spices to the cornflakes crumbs to poop it up. I just fry them in a teesey bit of olive oil..in the fry pan...or I could put them in the oven and bake them with some pam. It's a learning experience.

Joan said...

But I am still looking for the Heart Smart Bisquick here in Canada to no avail. Youse guys in the USofA wanna send me a package I will pay you, especially now that our money is at par with yours...just smirking a little bit.
I asked about it at my Safeway and they gave me "oh here is the senior"...why should we order it?..she will forget by the time we get it in ...bastards