Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I just got my Mastercard bill

Was I on drugs? I decided about three weeks ago that since I am now 30 lbs. lighter I might want to give up some of my Value Village clothes size XL. I'm stepping on the bottom of pants that are hanging off my hips, and damn near doing a face plant every day. So, I bought 3 pairs of jeans, tops (with a hoodie of course), panties, bra's, and socks (which still are the same size). My skinny ass legs and feet never change. Then I bought Gord all new underwear, and socks. After that I bought a new pant suit for Ellen's Memorial, jewellery and then I bought and bought stuff I didn't need, because buying was so much fun.

I went a little crazy. I don't need the over the sink vegetable cutting board I bought, I have a perfectly good one. That's going back. BUT, I bought a very handy dandy Bissell rug sweeper. If you have dogs in the house, this is the best for the in- between vacuming times..okay every second Saturday if I am up to it..heh. Jest kiddin, every three weeks if I don't see hair growing out of the rugs.

It seems the older I get the less I care about being Ms. Tidie. It will wait. There is always to much bullshit going on in our lives to worry other than a little dog hair or a few crumbs. I don't worry about dust, because I can't see it unless the sun comes in and I go "holy shit". After that, I give myself a good spanking, and say to myself, self, did you not see that dust? Self says, yes I did, but just seemed like so much work. whine.

The writing is on the wall. If Gord ever dies, I will be a bag lady. I will have a Schwinn bicycle ( I know this because I bought one 20 years ago, and it's still in our garage)...and I will peruse your garbage. It's white. So, you will recognize me. I will be wearing a red hoodie and jeans. But I think the tires are flat, I don't know if I can pedal that hard. Let's see.

I have to get the house ready for sale by next summer, so I'm thinking, lets just put out every piece of furniture we own (one at a time) on garbage day, by next summer we should be able hear an echo in this place. It will be just Gord, Penny and me and my laptop. I like to travel light.

Now I just have to figure out a way to pay my Mastercard. I am bringing a pail of plums from my plum tree to my boss tomorrow (because he loves his plums) and ask for a raise. Wish me luck. I might just be plumb out of luck...who know's.


Brenda said...

Maybe a "moving sale" about once a month and then by sale time you'll only have what you really want to keep.

That'd never works for me though, not many folks drive by on a gravel road except farmers and they're too cheap to buy anything except their big boy toys.

Sally said...

Oy - that reminds me, I have to pay my M/C (someday). You're too funny. Are you actually moving next summer? I probably missed something - that happens when you get elderly. :)

Curtis said...

Well the outfit you bought for the memorial service was worth whatever you paid for it because it was really nice. Now what I just read sounded like something Joan would write. Nice blog