Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fall on the prairies....

I found a good one, but it's not exactly on the prairies, it would be closer to Alberta, than Manitoba, but it looks the same on the fields. I would kill to live in that area of Alberta where the prairies meet the mountains. Now, I am happy. I got rid of those humpy back camels and sent them back to the desert. I don't know what I was thinking.. I never do.

I'm having a blog slump....oops...I just fell down again...and I can't get up... I can't get the words out. I have many words living in the stump of my brain, but they are being held hostage by "no time for myself"... and I dwell on the the templates, because I can't put down what I want to say. Sometimes I can't hear myself think.

Okay, here is what I want to say. (blank) ...ohh yeah I had a sore in my nose last week, and I diagnosed it as "nose cancer" I pretty well spent all of last week sticking my dirty fingers up my nose and messing around in there, much to the delight of my co-workers and those who were driving beside me on the road. I don't have nose cancer, it healed, and now I might have toe cancer I am not sure, because my toe was red. But today it turned white again. Pheww. Isn't that interesting, I have become a nut case.

I'm thinking it's baloniefarthead who is trying to screw with my head again. Sometimes that happens this time of the year, when the summer fades and I am feeling the "fall" of my years.

Which reminds me... I went to Safeway AGAIN on "Seniors Wednesday"...gawwww..and was asked AGAIN... if I was a senior. I know the clerks are supposed to ask anyone who has a flabby face with facial hair if they are eligible.......but for fortheloveofmyepidermis..shutthefuck up! You are pissing me off. Put up a sign dinkheads...."If you are a senior please ask for your damn discount!!" Don't make me say NO I am not a senior...because now you have ruined my already shithouse day... I hate being categorized. I am just me. I am a person. And now I will never get a date for the prom.

l am missing my friend Ellen, and I think of her every day. I pause, when I see her blog on my links, I want to go in, but I really don't want to go back there because it's just too painful. But, I can't delete it. I miss her. I also think about Curtis, who now has to take another course in his life without her. Life ...sometimes ...just sucks like a sore toe. Thinking about you all the time buddy.

Tomorrow, I plan to get my mojo on, it's Friday... let's see what happens. And, if I have to go to Safeway for some groceries, I'm going to kick a few of the toy boy newbies they they have going around in the isles asking you if you have found what you are looking the nuts! I need a little respect. R. E. S. P. E. C.T. sing it!!


JimBob said...

I have basically quit shopping at Safeway here in the Seattle area.

I don't wanna be a 'club' member.

When Washington State passed a law requiring identification a few years ago (for 18+) when buying smokes, the checker clerks were demanding that I produce my driver's license to 'verify' my age. I'm a member of the jowly/grey/balding club, and thought it was a reach at the time. I thought it was B.S. as I've been a member of the 'senior' club for a few years now...

BTW, ya want a little respect?

Ach! it won't accept the HTML tag for FONT 3..

Brenda said...

I hope you get LOADS of RESPECT from your Toy Boys Miz Joan. It's the very least that a NON-senior should expect! :-)

Anonymous said...

Delurking time here! I'm Dorie from Maryland and I surfed onto your page a couple of weeks ago! I can relate to what you're saying. I'm 54 and it's a hideous age- too old to be young and too young for the Senior Discounts!

JUST A MOM said...

ssssssssooooooooooooooooo purty! ((HUGS))

Joan said...

JimBob.... I don't understand about the the HTML tag for font 3, sorry I just don't get it.

Susan said...

I love this template Joanie. The mood of the sky is so right for fall.
I am 42 and got asked if I was a senior when I went for a coffee! But anyone with a grey hair is old to the 12 year olds they have working their!
I am also missing Ellen, there is a big hole on the blog without her.
You almost had me in tears with your squirrel post!

Curtis said...

Dam yore startin' to sound like yoreself agin. lol. Hey it really looks nice over here. Me likes the new look. I have been fartin' around with mine to but can't seem to get the feel I want. Anyway stop kickin' your toe up against stuff and for the love of pete, quit pickin' your nose.

JimBob said...

I just wanna give you the latest.

It's offical and
It's OVER!

You owe me $5.00.

Ya gonna welsh?

The period of time known as 'summer' season has elapsed.

1:06 PM CDT on June 21, 2007
4:51 AM CDT on September 23, 2007.

I think I detected the template changing. BSEG ;-) ;-)

Special K said...

The thing with seniors discounts is no one seems to have yet decided on a standard for what "senior" actually means. It used to be 65 and over, but a lot of places call you a raisin if you're 55+, fortheloveofyourbaggyknees.

And I'm sure you're only resentful about the whole thing because you're being labelled...I'm sure you'd be just as choked if they had a "10% off for Hot Mamas" day.

Special K said...

And just effing pay JimBob already. The way the Canadian dollar is swinging these days, you might only have to send him a toonie in the mail.

Joan said...

Kat, the funny thing is he only noticed today...heh!! I'll pay the boy, and new exchange rate makes it a walk in the park.

Joan said...

JimBob....give me your address and I will tape two tooneys and a looney to a piece of cardboard and sent it to you...I wouldn't screw you around, because I'm a little afraid that you might just come and find me! I was just waiting for our Canadian dollar to go on par with yours. I win.

Joan said...

Hi Dorie,
Thanks for dropping in...getting old pisses me off. But really I never feel old, I just look old heh!

Joan said...

I'm thinking I better get a new pic, that one was from two years ago, and by golly, some things have gone by the way.