Friday, September 14, 2007

Well, where were youse guys?

Today I started a new blog on Word Press. It will be a work in progress, but holy mackeral, I am so hard pressed for good templates on blogger I couldn't resist the lovely ones they have over there. I admit it. Try to put me into template detox, and I will bite your ass!! Or, maybe poke you in the eye, ask Gord how good that feels.

I can see I have made a bad choice to blog outside on the deck tonight, because my fingers are getting stiff, and I'm wearing a parka. I lit 4 candles thinking it would stave off the cold, but they are toooooo teeeniee. The dog had the good sense to go why am I here? It's Friday night, Gord is out with his friends for another hour or so, and I have some peace and quite....all to myself. But it's colder than I antcipated. I can hear all the sounds around me, dogs barking, neighbours talking over the fence, geese honking, traffic on route 90. I can hear a jackhammer way off in the distance, going "tat a tat" "tat a tit."..oops. It doesn't bother me because I know it's coming from my Safeway about a km away...and they are redoing the whole store and parking lot. Knowledge makes that noise acceptable, because that store was starting to piss me off. Downside: I won't know where anything is again for about a month.

But, I have to get in to my other computer in the house, because my nose..she is froze.

Short get warmed up, fill up the glass of wine, and give de dog a bone.

De bone has been given, and de dog she looks at me with much love. Wine glass she is filled and I look at it with much love, and I am now warm. De fingers she are working again. De brain...I don't know so much how she is working....let's see.

So, how was your day? It seems I have lost all my consentration by walking 20 feet from one computer to the other. Oy! My nose she is unthawed, which is a good thing, because, well, just that.

It's dark at 8:00 PM ... I don't like that.

So, how was your day....or did I just say that? Let me just scroll up..YUP.

Oh, here we are again, just you and me. How was your day? ...heh. I crack myself up. I shouldn't be kidding around, because Special K will come around and say ..Joan ..were you drunk blogging? Sometimes she doesn't get the balonie part of me. Or maybe she does.

I just don't feel like telling a story of my week today, I just want to fart around, because my week was uneventful. I did't have a diarrea, which alway makes for a good blog, no one died in my family, thank god, Gord is doing good, and hasn't brought any dead dogs to the house lately, which makes me very happy.

Which brings me to some unhappyness.

I was going to the bank yesterday and I was on a four lane highway. In the meridian was a little grey squirrel. I was stopped at a red light on the right hand side of the highway. This little grey squirrel was determined to try to scoot across two lanes to the left. Then, the lights changed and all those from the left turning lane missed him by an inch, he sat there all curled up trying to be invisable. My light hadn't changed yet, and I saw he had an opportunity to run for it and he did, but he ran underneath a red Honda, which was still waiting for the lights to change to go the other way. I saw him under there as I moved on. I prayed he would make it safely to the other side. When I left, I didn't know if he got across or not.

After I came back from the bank, and was on the highway again, I was looking for him, because if he would have been killed it would have been on my side of the highway coming back. I was dreading coming up to the light,.....but there he was, underneath yet another car, with the wind blowing his beautiful tail. All I could see he was dead. I wanted so deperately to get out of my car when I first saw what was happening and stop the traffic, and chase him to safety, but I couldn't do it because this intersection was so busy, I would have got killed. I know, it was just a squirrel and we have so many of them in our back yards, but this little poor creature did not use his "noggin"..and I'm seriously thinking his mother ate to much fermented fruit before he was born.

I shed a few tears after that. As I was driving down the highway in my 76 stinking Lincoln.

Yeah...balonie has feelings too....even tho she is evil...

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