Friday, September 21, 2007

A little bit O everything

Just to start off the blog, why not take a look at some dog shit. It actually looks like a little bunny, but it's noooot. Because I stepped into the second load right behind it. I'm still scraping it off of my shoes. Bastard.

Since I have been so tongue tied lately I thought I might bore you with random pictures of pretty well much nothing of interest. I wanted to take my camera to Safeway today and get a pic of the clerk who dissed me yesterday, but I forgot it my car. Lucky sumabitch.

Talking about forgetting.........this week alone I have lost my camera, garage door opener, USB cable for my camera, and some important legal documents of Gord's. The good news is after, searching FORFUCKINGEVER, I found the camera, it was in my winter parka pocket one day when it got cold. I took it down to the back yard to shoot some pic's of Penny and left it in the pocket. I found the missing documents, that slipped down beside my file folder into the filing cabinet. I still don't know where the hell my garage door opener is, and my USB cable for the camera!! I spent more time looking for things than getting stuff done. I need a vacation. Tomorrow I am going to clean all the clutter out of this office and get it organized. But that doesn't solve where the hell my garage door opener went. It's always on the seat of my car...and today it went buhbye. It's bad enough I have to drive the big mother Lincoln this summer, and then get out of the car, go inside the house to open the garage door, go back out, and get the car in back in the garage...while being poisoned...yes poisoned by the fumes from a 1979 Lincoln with tail pipes the size of a large whale.

I hold my breath going in and out of that beast. We have been having serious discussions about the vehicles I have been forced to drive these last few years. Remember the BIG HONKING CONVERSION VAN?...then finally I got the Explorer, which was reasonable and trust worthy. But then Gord sold the BIG HONKING CONVERSION VAN and needed the Explorer until he found the RIGHT truck for his business. Well, that hasn't happened folks...I am still living in the 7-tees. I am quite a sight on the road every day, people point at me, and small kids .... yell .. I love your car... bicycle riders who come up along side of me on the road, fall down on the pavement dead from the fumes. That is the only advantage. No wonder why I get asked if I am a senior at Safeway, they can smell the fumes of stinking Lincoln a mile away.

Yep, she's a beaut...but I need to move on

Do you see those big pipes on the side? Do you know how many time I have burned the back of my legs on those mothers? Who drives cars like this anymore, no one, unless you have a pimp.

I was looking for pic's of THE BIG HORKING VAN, but I think I took all that stuff off and put them on a CD.

Okay, I set out to do pic's today until I got all crazy about the car stuff.

I know everyone whats to see pictures of my dog..... (click the little X) if you don't, you dweebes.

I nose you were waiting for this. Someone has their nose out of joint here. What, no play time? Penny Loafer, I love throwing your ball. But, sweetie it would be so much more fun if you would get it...when I threw very much more fun. I find myself getting dizzy, throwing....and retrieving ..while you watch. By the end of play time, your mom is a teensie bit tired, and has to go in and drink wine. You are to blame.

She is getting older, she is only "half" the dog she used to be. But she has muscles, but not from running to get her fucking ball!! And yes, I know she needs a nail clip. She is prancing like a princess these days, I just haven't had time to take her in to get it done. God forbid I pull out the clippers, she'd be a snarling mess and I'd be missing limbs. I might source down to the time I clipped her nails when she was a puppy and made some of them bleed, it has never been the same since.

As she is getting older...this is her only one good "eye"..which is much like a rear view mirror. She can see out that third back eye, I swear. I can't make a move without her knowing where I am.

I call this one "Elf Ears" gone wrong. She will never make Santa's list.

Hey, mama, you talking trash about ME?

Yes, Penny I am. Now go and get that stinking ball, you dinkhead!

Twilight on on our street

Clouds are coming in.

Isn't this beautiful?

I'm a dogmother, Penny just had a healthy "baby ball" weighed in at 1 oz, multi coloured, and is of Germanic background. I don't know who the father is yet, but I suspect the Lutheran German Shepard next door. I see him eating plastic bags all the time, this is what happens folks, when you train your dogs with the "Asshole Whisperer." His dogs spawn plastic.

Update: I started this blog of Friday. Gord found my garage door opener. It was under the drivers seat of the pimp car. I probably threw it under there after my "john" left, I always throw it on the passenger seat, but somehow she crawled to the drivers side, no fault of my own. I didn't know that it had legs. I found the USB cable for my old camera, which I lost a year ago when I cleaned up the office today, but now I still can't find the one from my new one! Oy Vey...she is coming from bad to vorst. Where is the oven, I need to stick my head in it. Vats wit me?

Sunday night supper: Porcupine meat balls (roasted in the roaster) ya know like good ole times. Mit some carrots and peas, and de mashed taters. Mix it all about and you will sink like a rock after you eat all this shit.

But, it's all almost fat free, and good for the soul.


Mary Lou said...

Porkypine meatballs! I havent had those in YEARS!!! I might try some!

And I thought that was a baby bunny too!

JimBob said...

Unnnhh - your bunny rabbit's post didn't fully describe the mottled appearance due to the 'inclusions' that I see in the photo...

Maybe you could investigate and post what ya find? ;-) ;-)

To give it a bit of context, it's kind of like the white that you see on chicken poop. Do ya know what that is?

Brenda said...

I made some meatballs the other night but without the porcupine part (but I like those too!).

Why didn't we get a picture of you fetching Penny's ball?

This song has been running through my head since reading about your Lincoln,,,,can't get it out of my minddddddddd

Joan said...

JimBob...I know what it's the chicken's equivalent of pee. Ha thought I was just another pretty face.

But I have to admit I got this from a blog I never miss

AndiePandie said...

Joan your street looks so quite and peaceful. :)