Monday, September 17, 2007

Okay then...

I'm not moving yet, because I got so emotional and couldn't leave blabber, oops I mean blogger.. but I really hate those camels...what was I thinking.

I just can't....I wrote a post in Word Press and I was...all, like I don't give a crap Blogger you mean nothing to me, and when I came back here to take off my archieves and I went all teary eyed. Shucks ......

So, I wasted all that time telling all of you how much I loved word press and spouted off about "change is good"..... I couldn't do it. This is my home...feck it.

I was getting cocky...and you can see that in my post

Someone should kick my ass. Line up! hup hup

Maybe, I should just use both, now I'm getting stupid.

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