Sunday, September 30, 2007

Goin to the Chapel...and we're gonna get married

One of our guys at work got married yesterday, and we went to the wedding. It was wonderful. It was a beautiful fall day and the wedding was held outside at a beautiful Golf Course by the river. There was the strumming a guitars before the wedding, and later at the reception before dinner, they had a group of musicians play classical music on the lawn. It was like in the movies!

They have been together for about 10 years and have two small children, so they decided to make it official. There was never a bride and groom that looked happier. They radiated happiness. Their two girls were the flowergirl and the ring-bearer...cute little buggets.

I don't know when, I have had such a good time. Gord and I got all spiffed up for the wedding, and as we were leaving the house, our neighbours on both sides spotted us. Frank, the ole Russian guy next door, stared at us with disbelief, and asked us where we were going, and we told him, "to a wedding." .... and he said, "you two look beautiful, I must take a picture". WHAT? Are you telling us we look like shit the rest of the year? Seriously, I don't think I have ever been out on the front street without my sweatpants and snot coming from my in comparison, this might have looked "cleaned up." How embarrasing! Yet sweet. A crowd started to gather...fudge... wives came out and complimented us...oy! this is the pic he took of us with my camera...I thought if we were doing a photo op, I might have one for my records. Click if you want to see old fart wrinkles.

Don't we look sweet, I think I had something in my eye. I'm getting new glasses next week and getting rid of these old babes. Somethimes you can actually dress us up and take us out.

To keep it short, we had a great dinner, everything was done in a "fall" theme"..they had turkey for dinner and it was delicious. The 3 bridesmaid dresses were in sage green, rust and brown, to match the vests of the groomsmen. Very cool.

Her brother was the MC for the evening and he should have been a stand up comic...Gord and I were laughing so hard we were crying. Man, he.was.funny. I met him later on the outside balcony when I went out to have a smoke, and I asked what he did for a living (because I was sure he was comedian) and he said he was a lawyer in Toronto..thar you go...he told me, you have to make you clients laugh before they cry....Jeez he was funny, and it takes some funny shit to made me laugh. Then I asked him to marry me. But being a lawyer, and 30 years my juniour he declined. He said I was probably a little too mature for him, damit...those bitches at Safeway got to him. I'm fed up now!!

Few more pic's...

And there is the teenie little ring bearer.

She never missed a beat all night, but by 11:00 PM she ran out of juice and danced with mommy in her arms
And she started to cry.....and cry. But she was such a trooper all day.

I can't say I have ever had such a good time at a wedding than this one.

I changed my picture on the blog today and cut Gordon out of it from the original pic..heh..there isn't enough room for both of us in this blog.

Sunday night supper: Chickhhhen. Baked, boring, and there will be enough for good sammiches for the next few days.

Gord's good friend I was talking about a few blogs ago, died yesterday. Gord was sad, but glad that he didn't have to suffer anymore. I will miss him and his family, such as they were. I was going to find some pic's of our good times together, but it meant scanning and I didn't have time today. God bless him. He was lucky to have a good friend like Gordon who never judged him.

Well, the chicken dinner, she is making me sleepy... and I think I might just go to my nest...and have me a good nap.

Kuddo's to Special K who was such a good sport about the sign I posted in my sidebar this weekend and have since taken down. I'm lucky to have a friend like her who likes to laugh...And gets it.


Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Miz Joan!!

The Wedding pics are super and the one of you and Gord is fantastic!!

I'm so sorry to hear that Gord's friend has passed away. It's so hard to say goodbye.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Joan!
You look great in that pant suit. Is it the one you bought for Ellens memorial? Glad you had a good time at the wedding. Great photos.
Sorry to hear about Gords friend passing away.

katerina said...

I don't know if you two look like shit the rest of the year, but you were definitely pic-worthy on the wedding day.

And is it your birthday? Why in the eff did I think it was in December? I must have had you confused with Mary Lou (I know her birthday is in January-ish, shush)'s hard for me to keep track of you old bats.

JUST A MOM said...

hey llook at you another year wooo hhooooo go you!!

Lost said...

Happy Birthday Joan. Many happy returns of the day.

Btw, I have that suit!! Although I must admit the jacket/top of mine is quite a bit longer.

Joan said...

Thanks Brenda!

Susan...yes it was the same suit. I only have one .. good for all occasions.

Kat... thanks for calling me on my birthday...and now that you called me an old bat...wait to the see the sign on my seniors motel next time. It's on!

Thanks Jaye...yeah we goed alright, ... to bed heh. and slept mind you. we both shop at Winners? I thought I had the original..bastards...