Sunday, September 02, 2007

My Gordie Good Guy..

I couldn't find a better picture of him today, because I just removed a trillion pics from my computer and this is the only one left, other than the "plow boy" series. He has since lost a ton of, you go plow boy!!

I always knew Gord was a very kind, and sympathetic soul. His kindness has got him into some deep doo doo when people interpreted his caring for being a busy body. He was never that, he always just wants to do the right thing, and sometimes he steps on peoples toes without meaning to. He has always had other peoples best interest in mind, even though you wouldn't guess if from his gruff exterior.

Over this last year he has been visiting an old friend. His name is Ron. Gord went to a Technical College after high school, and took a Refrigeration and Appliance course. After graduation he applied at Eaton's who were at that time a huge store in Winnipeg. They sold and did appliance repair, and he was very anxious to get on with them....and he did.

There he met his mentor, Ron. Ron showed him the ropes and guided him through his career until Gord started his own business. Ron was a Race Car Driver, Gord liked racing, so they became fast friends. I soon met his wife after that, and we became good friends as well. Ron loved motor homes, and he and his wife and son would go to all the races with it all over the US. Of course, Gord wanted a motor home too, so we bought an old one because we didn't have the bucks for the fancy crap, and spent many weekends with them camping out in the Whiteshell. They always said, if you have motor home, you have to have a it was then I got the love of my Munchie the motor home diva. With my sweet daddy wearing his hat.

It became apparent about 10 years ago, Ron had a drinking problem, and things went from bad to worse in his marriage. His wife of 43 years left him. Since then things have slowly been slipping away from him. He too had started a business after leaving Eaton's, and this was slowly starting to get away from him because he drank too much. Gord used to see him about once a week, because he repaired Timers" for appliances, so their friendship continued long after his wife left him. His son, took over the business about a year ago and brought it to his house to run. His dad was not able to look after it properly.

Since then Gord has made an effort to stop in his house at least once every two weeks or so, and look in on him. Well, these last two months have been an eye opener. Ron used to have his little repair shop in the basement of his home, and now he decided he was going to live in the basement. It was a business/rec room down there. He had all the amenities to live comfortably down there if needed. But, as time went on Gord found him drinking more and more...he wasn't taking care of himself anymore, his feet were swollen like balloons. Gord tried to get him to go to a doctor, but he flatly refused. When he and his wife separated, he kept their little poodle "Blackie". Blackie is now blind and deaf, and could not even find his water bowl and food when Gord came over.. And Ron could not get off his was so bad. Gord was carrying the little poodle to his dish for water, and trying to get Ron to eat... all I can say it was sad.

On the day of Ellen's memorial, Gord dialed into his messages on his answering machine at work . There was one from Ron. "I have fallen off my chair, and I cannot not get up." Gord went into panic mode...this was ten minutes before we were about to leave for the chapel!! So, we decided to split up, he would go to Ron's house and I would try to find the funeral chapel on my own...yikes...I'm the worst at following directions ...and this was on the other side of the city which I wasn't familiar with. I got there driving the big ole stinking Lincoln which takes up two car lengths on the street. I should have taken the Explorer, but we were in a panic and forgot. When Gord got there, Ron was on the floor, unable to move, and pissed off. Gord told him he was going to call 911 and get him to the hospital. Ron refused, and said "Gord, if you do that our friendship is over". Gord was hurt and confused. He propped him back in his chair, got him a bucket to piss in, and brought down some water and food (which he never eats anyway). He managed to get to the chapel just as the service started.

The man has been helpless for the last two weeks after he couldn't walk anymore...sitting downstairs in a basement with a his deaf and blind dog, who was dying as well. Where was the family you say!!! ....Yeah, they were doing tough love. You brought this on, you deal with it!! Gord and I have been through two other experiences with his sisters who were alcoholics, so I know people just don't want to deal with it, because usually you get your ass kicked if you try.

Today Gord made a decision this morning, he was going to get Ron the help he needed and that was the end of it.. so what...if Ron didn't want to be his friend anymore. And he did it!!
Ron had told him yesterday, if Gord could get a doctor to come a see him (in his dirty filthy basement) he would do what the doc ordered. Gord didn't really believe him because he has been farting around saying this..and that and never following through...

So, this morning, we called every crisis line in the city to try to get some help. No house call doc's available on the long weekend. Gawwww.. Gord didn't want to call 911, with all the hoopla included to scare Ron finally after 10 calls someone suggested we phone the "Paramedics"...who will come to your home and assess you without the whole siren shit and give you the real facts to the patient. Gord thought Ron would think they were doctors and would be able to deal with it...And it worked .

He went with them to the hospital without a wimper. Gord followed, and met them at the hospital and stayed with him until he was admitted and settled. Ron thanked him profusely telling him he was so grateful for being their for him. What a turn around. The paramedics told Gord that they thought that Ron would never again be able live in that home again by himself, and would be probably be have to be sent to a nursing home facility....sooo my Gord had to make another decision....the dog.

He called me at 4:00 today and said I got one problem solved, Ron is in the hospital, but I can't leave his little buddy Blackie, blind and deaf in this basement, I have another decision to make. I said I will call the Pembina Veterinary clinic, I know they have a 24 hr. ER for pets. Poor ole Blackie can't even hardly walk, so Gord scooped him up and put in a little basket he found in the house and brought him to the clinic, and had him euthanized. The poor little guy was so dehydrated they could even find a vein, so the had to it the hard way, through the heart, and they wouldn't even let Gordon in to say goodbye. Gordon loves animals, and this just broke his heart, he told me he was crying in the vet's office...My Gord doesn't cry too often...

So, he came home, and we sat on the deck and talked. He told me all the gorry details, and then he said, I wonder what I should do with the dog...THE DOG!..I thought the dog was dead....yes, he said but he is my truck..THE TRUCK! Yes, he said, in a teenie dog coffin..DOG COFFIN?

So, now I got a dead dog in our truck on the driveway in a coffin. He didn't want to dispose of the dog before he gets in touch with his son tomorrow when he gets back from the long weekend at the lake ..I'm guessing if he let his father to get in this state,......he won't be giving a crap about the dog... But that's not how Gordon's mind works...He covers his bases.

He went to bed a few minutes ago, finally....after three days of total stress with his friend. I'm so glad it is over, because he does not need this...and I worry.

I still can't believe I have a dead dog in our truck.. He was so emotional when he came home, he said he couldn't put him on the cold garage floor, so he left him on the seat in his little coffin with the windows open.......What was he thinking? Good thing we have the day off tomorrow, to find a home for "Blackie".... we will take him out to our new new property we bought, and let the little guy rest in peace. He deserves it.

Does anyone's world get weirder than ours??


Sally said...

Such a touching story, Joan. Your husband is indeed a very good man. I hope his/your friend will get better, and have some good days ahead. Hopefully, his family will care. The little doggie; well, Gord certainly didn't have a choice and the pooch won't be suffering anymore. That's so very sad.

You and Gord are in good hands, with each other.

Phyllis said...

Joan, you are hilarious! I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for Blackie.
I'm glad Gord called the Paramedics, if he didn't, I would have called you for Ron's address and done it myself!! I have been going to Alcoholics anonymous for 20 years and have seen alot of miracles walk through the doors.
One that touched my heart was an elderly lady that started drinking at 75 years old after her husband died. She was extremely lonely and saw a bottle of vodka in the cupboard and drank until they drug her through the doors of AA.

Brenda said...

Not so weird, just life as it becomes sometimes. Thank God Ron has a friend like Gord! He's got a heart of gold Miz Joan.

Having severaly uncles who lived lives as alcoholics I know there is no way to help them until they are ready to help themselves. Perhaps through Gord's love and kindness Ron will make that decision.

Kyleen said...

Your husband is one sweet guy and a true friend! I bet he saved his friends life. Most people would not want to get involved in a tough situation like that. Truthfully though, you had me cying, then laughing, then crying again. About the dog...weird, no. When my step dad's father passed away, my mom and step dad picked up his ashes a few days before the memorial service. My mom would't leave the ashes in the car so they carted them around everywhere they went until the service. Even took him into a pub for a drink!
You and Gord are mighty fine people!

Penny Halston said...

Funny how such a sad story can be amusing at the same time. Your husband is a treasure and a true friend.

AndiePandie said...

Wow that's rough and I can't even begin to imagine how emotionally draining for everyone involved.

I wouldn't have been able to leave Blackie either.

JUST A MOM said...

Herman Verbrugge said...

I learned this from your story. Liquor destroys more than only your own lousy life.
You can lose your wife, children, brothers and sisters, your best friends and also your dog, who is most of the time your very best friend one who is always at your side and never complains. In fact this is a drama. Your husband Gord is a real friend for Ron and I believe he took the right decisions.