Thursday, May 31, 2012

Got some flowers

But I don't know where to put them just yet.  Most will be on the porch landscaping has  been done just yet. Apparently I have no luck mit anythink.

Today I tried to take a video of my noodles moving around in a frying pan.  It was hilarious....I grabbed my camera.. of course I had the camera card stuck in my computer...I grabbed it out of there..stuck it in the camera...AND...took a pic of the noodles jumping around ...when the camera said . YOUR CARD IS FULL. Sonofabitch...all I wanted to do was start blogging again and technology fucked me up.  But those noodles were hilarious...they had a life of there own.  They were just left over noodles and I decided to fry them up in butter a little onion...and add an egg at the end.  I love that stuff.  Add a little pepper and salt...and it's great.  Bacon fat would be good instead of butter lol.  THEN...take your ketchup bottle and put a dab on the end of your plate...and dunk the goodness in it.

I just plugged in my camera...because sure as shooting the battery will be dead next time I decide to make you watch noodles jump.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Food Bloggers

They are a nice bunch.  I love that they take the time to put up good recipes for us to follow. Some do it for the $...but that's okay I don't mind.  Everyone should be able to find a little business of their own.  I would do it too if I was any good at cooking.  I'm not!  Yes I cook ... and cook and it's old.  But the reason I brought this up was...............comments on the food blogs.

After the kind person makes a beautiful meal...takes 1000 pictures of it..and then the comments come in.  First they start with ... I love it...I have to make this...I will be making this tonight...this is the best recipe are the greatest cook.... we will put this our rotation....(huh) are they in the army?  on and on....then wait for it:

** can I substitute beef with cat poo? 

**All my children are allergic to grains, dairy, pineapple, dirt, dog feces and rain....will your recipe still work for us?  

** I tried your lasagna  recipe and made a few changes ... instead of using anything in it tasted like shit. 

**  Does it have gluten in it?  ... My son, and his brother..and his cousins brothers are allergic. And I think my great grandmother was too. 

** We don't have any of those ingredients you showed on your web site here in our town. Can we use herbs from our garden?

** Can we use canned tomatoes instead of the real one's?  

** Son has allergies to cheese...can we use Kraft Slices instead.

** We were going to make the salad you suggested...but it has dairy in the dressing and it would kill my son. 

** I am allergic to mushrooms...can I substitute another fungus?  

People are so fucking stupid. 

Have a good weekend!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Let me say something about this blog

It is totally obvious to me that I have to either "shit" or get off the "pot."  Too much whining.  Who wants to read that shit.?  Not me.  Either I come back to my old self or put this baby to bed.  I'm not saying this for anyone to comment about it...don't.   I have to make a choice whether to go or to stay.

It all started with losing my job..then selling our old house and building this house.  I won't go into all my concerns because that is private...and I am told on a daily basis I have no reason to worry because financially we are fine.  But I worry about the "what ifs."  They keep me up at night.  Health issues etc. But that comes with age.  Taxes are higher here...I just can't seem to fit in .  I worry and worry.

Where is that fucking "balonie" asshole when I need her?  I need her to take over my life again.

I have an idea about writing stuff I know about....not the daily life stuff.  But things that I remember from my youth and and up.  You might be surprised what I did in the 60's.

Thanks for lending an ear......

Let me ponder on this for a day or so.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Lonely day...I almost drove to my old house to see if the apple trees were blooming...the trees here are lovely...but they don't have any history I can relate to. I yearn for my little pond..and the pond people...and the flowers around it.  This too shall pass.

I am so out of my element.

I have days that are so full of doing things and getting things done around here...and then there is nothing. It's all pretty much done. As much as I can get done without doing any landscaping and planting.  That may have to wait until next year. I watch the weeds grow.  In the front of the house and in the back...and get really fucking mad.  I could take "round up" to the weeds that are growing up from the landfill placed around the house..but then it would even look more depressing.  At least the weeds are green...and some of them are pretty interesting.  I have a huge one with the largest leaves ever...growing under my picnic table. It almost looks like a  hosta...but is not....and and some stink weed...clover... weird looking grasses... and not one dandelion!!  I'm guessing we only get those guys when you get a REAL lawn.

But I have to admit the forest behind us is impressive. I can now see the ferns and all the little stuff that grows all by itself in the wild. The old leaves I saw in October disappear....and make way for so many new plants.

Being a city dweller for so many years I find myself a little overwhelmed. I`ll  be back..................