Friday, May 18, 2012

Let me say something about this blog

It is totally obvious to me that I have to either "shit" or get off the "pot."  Too much whining.  Who wants to read that shit.?  Not me.  Either I come back to my old self or put this baby to bed.  I'm not saying this for anyone to comment about it...don't.   I have to make a choice whether to go or to stay.

It all started with losing my job..then selling our old house and building this house.  I won't go into all my concerns because that is private...and I am told on a daily basis I have no reason to worry because financially we are fine.  But I worry about the "what ifs."  They keep me up at night.  Health issues etc. But that comes with age.  Taxes are higher here...I just can't seem to fit in .  I worry and worry.

Where is that fucking "balonie" asshole when I need her?  I need her to take over my life again.

I have an idea about writing stuff I know about....not the daily life stuff.  But things that I remember from my youth and and up.  You might be surprised what I did in the 60's.

Thanks for lending an ear......

Let me ponder on this for a day or so.



Brenda said...


Donna said...

I haven't been so regular on my blog Either...If nothing else instead of getting rid of it, just put it on "vacation"...
I know you're on FB but I just hate seeing so many of my friends leaving blogging....and I LOVE reading yours.
BUT! I support you in whatEVER you want to do...100%!
Sending prayers that it all comes together for you sweet lady!!

JUST A MOM said...

MY OLD stuff was funny too,,, I think we are getting OLD,,,, I will come and read the crazy stuff still just keep writing

Sally said...

Oh, so we can talk now!! LOL

Don't give up blogging, Joan! If you need a rest, take it, but don't ever leave us, we would miss you SO much.