Monday, February 27, 2012


 I found this little beat up mirror window looking thing at my local Salvation Army store. 

 I painted and cleaned it up...

Now...for 3.50 cents I have a really cute mirror in the hallway coming in from the back of the house.

Pinterest has got me by the lady balls.  I just want to change things up.  It was so much fun, plus now I have room too do that kind of stuff.  That is the back bathroom door you see in the mirror..

I have 3D kind of mirrors in the hallway.....took some pic's to scare youse guys...

We don't need night lights around here...just follow my shiny face.  I glow in the dark. 

I also scored some really beautiful dried flower arrangements and plants today at another thrift store.  Pic to come.  Hey, I'm not cheap... If I like something I will buy it...but  I am turning into a hunter...I trip old ladies in the thrift shops ..grab their goods make it to the sales and run. And yell Suckers...on my way out.  Good grief what has come of me?

I think this is happening because I am...CONSTIPATED.   Ever since I started eating yogurt I get a little ummm stoppage.  I am stopping that today.  Greek yogurt is to blame. Damn them Greeks. Stop.

Unlike my I would like to call her.. who's vagina makes noises.    Go see..way too funny. 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sweet day today

The snow finally came.  It has looked like fall around here ...with a bit of snow.  It looked dirty since Christmas.  Now we have a winter wonderland.  I posted the pic's on facebook because blogger makes me  very very mad.  I have no patience for that crap. 

The house is coming along fine.  I change it up every darn day.  ...because I got hooked on Pinterest...and am able to see so many different ways of decorating.  I drove in the heavy snow today to get to a store to find what I wanted!! 

I have to watch myself in the morning when I log in...first I go into facebook, then Pinterest and before you know it...Gord's home for lunch.  We watch``The Chew`` .. I love that show...Then after he leaves I'm back on Pinterest.  I get nothing done. 

But who the heck cares....I`m really enjoying my time off.  Doing what I want to do. Not feeling guilty anymore for taking the rest of my life off. Sleeping until 10:00 ...we both do..not just me.  He has adjusted his hours of work ..and only does what he wants to do right now. But he feels he has keep working because .. if he was here all day I might have to shoot him.  heh...

Making this one short just in case blogger sends this one up my butt...

Carry on. 

Your friend ...balonie..

Monday, February 20, 2012

New post...ahem

okay this is over blogger...I spent two hours posting...and I poured out my heart to my friends and you would not let me post my pics ... I thought you saved as I was posting..then it died.  You just took two hours out of my life...... so `f`you!!  I am so mad.