Sunday, October 26, 2008

The dirty deed..she is over

The seven day make-over is finished. I know, I watch too much HGTV! And, I only spent 230.00 dollars. That was for a new quilt for the bed, faux suede...soooo soft, new bedding for the downstairs bedroom, and two area rugs. Did you know, shag is back? Yes it is. I now own it again. But this time they it's a little shorter and it doens't leave footprints when you walk on it. They were having a "buy one, get one free sale at I scored these two puppies. So, that was that, and rest was just re-use what I had and put it in different places, and just throw the rest out. To tell you the truth, I didn't know I had it in my anymore. I used to do this all the time. But once I got going, there was no stopping. It will be wonderful to come home from work tomorrow, knowing the house is clean and funtional once again. And I will be ready for the painters when they come in.

I took some pictures but they turned out so dark, because a rain storm was looming...and the sun would pop out for a second or I ran and got my camera.

The wall unit is in place downstairs...but I haven't put anything in it yet, nor do I have the lights on the inside connected because we will have to move it to the centre of the room once the painters it's pretty bare. Before...


That little TV is only in there to show where the big one will be once we get it down there from upstairs.

Good Grief...why is this man standing on a ladder at my kitchen counter looking in? He sort of looks like a walrus...he has nails in his mouth instead of whiskers. You might to click to get that part. He scared the livin bejesus out of me while I was cooking supper last week. I didn't realize he was going to fix the window...which is 10 feet from the ground!! And suddenly he just popped up!! Any guy that wears a tie, to fix a window, is your man. It's a good thing he wasn't pissing me off, because all it would have taken was to push that window out from the inside and...goodbye Charlie!! But, of course I jest. I would never push my husband off a ladder. Wink.

The cleaned up living room later. The queen's throne (Penny Loafers) is in the front of the window. It's a heated doggie basket...with a throw on top. Nothing is too good for her hind.ness.

This is the actual dining room area...and the kitchen is on your left. but we made it into a small TV area...where we had the actual wall unit to start off with. now it gone downstairs...goodbye and good was to too big. This was the designated dining room for the house, and it will become one again once we get rid of these fart infested chairs...and move on down. Right across from this is my office. Which I will show you in a sec. We really don't want to go down the stairs to sit and watch TV...because that means you have to come back UP again...and its so far away from the bedroom and kitchen...and snacks.

Like I said everything is kind of dark. this is my office off the TV room. You can see the dining room table sitting by the wall just waiting for a chance to get INTO the actual dining room once we rid of those stinky chairs and buy new ones for downstairs...are you all still with me? nevermind...try to keep up.
I cleaned up the deck, took off the carpenting etc...and left the few begonias that made it through the first frost on the table. They are hardy. Everthing else went south.

Guess what this is?

I can't tell you how much this temporary winter tent/storage shed Gord put up in our patio makes me want to hurl. I can see it from my kitchen window...and it's shiny and silver and ugly. I won't go into his reasonings for putting it up, other than it's storing stuff of no value.'s his stuff, I just got rid of's in the dumpster. And trust me, next spring, this shit will be needing legs, or I will blow it up. I'm embarrased to admit I helped him build it...only because he has a bum knee and kept on whining about it when he was putting it up. Finally I went out and yelled...yes, I yelled..."just keep on crawling around on your bum knee"...and you won't be able to walk tomorrow!!! He told me you know what...and then I told you know what...and then I said ..JUST A MINUTE LET ME GET MY SHOES ON. And the rest is history, we built a ugly shed shit thing. I'm a sucker for punishement.

The poplar tree beside the deck...getting ready to go to sleep for another year.

So are's been a great week, I wish I could keep on going with more projects, I have a ton of them I would like to to.

BTW.... I finally heard from JimBob....I still owe him 5 bucks when I promised not to change my template again. To him I say:

JimBob: I haven't heard from you for about 8 months...but I guess you didn't need the five bucks then....but I have heard youse guys in the US of A.. are having a hard time of it these days.. Our economy in Canada is doing quite well, so I am in a good position to pay out my bet. PS...good to hear from you again...missed you.


Brenda said...

It looks great Miz Joan, even the silver shed, although right below the deck is sort of distracting.

I think I've seen James in a tie once in 38 years, he didn't even wear one at our wedding.

Donna said...

Hubby's looking Good Joan! Especially while he's Working!! I think they All look good while they are working!!hahaa...It's just when they sit in the recliner that they are worthless!hahahaa...Looks Great from here!!hughugs

Sally said...

Your home is so lovely, Joan.