Monday, November 24, 2008

That asshole is still living in our little house

We can't remove him, until there is a hearing in mid December.

Man, this weekend was full of surprises. The cops only came because we were scared for the kids ...we thought were in the house. As it turned out..they were. They found the children to be safe and that's all they were there for. The guy more or less told them we were liars and his rent was only slightly behind. Then of course the police don't do much, it turns into a civil suit. Their only concern was for the children. Child and Family services showed up later, and nothing was done. They are still in there. Squatting on our property while we have to pay all the bills. The grandmother of the children had the nerve to call us later, and tell us that she was Michael's...the guy who lives there...ADVOCATE. Well, fuck me. I guess he gave her a huge long song and dance that we were the bad guys and he was the innocent bystander. We made an appointment to meet with her Saturday morning at 11:30, but she cancelled. She said she had to speak to Michael once more to get all the facts. We haven't heard from her since. He quit his job two weeks ago...we know this. We know he has been trying to get welfare because he made too much money to get subsidized housing. The housing authority contacted us for a reference...ummm yeah like he would be a good tenant. He didn't have enough money to pay his rent...which was only 250.00 dollars a month plus the water bill and the rest was paid by his roommate at the time. The roommate left after we gave them the eviction notice Oct. 31st. ...and he was a nice guy, who always paid his share of the rent on time... plus the utilities. But this asshole brought in his kids after that and is hunkering down trying to make all the agencies feel sorry for him. In the end....we have to prove we did no wrong. We have to go to court to get him out. Bastard.

It's so unfair. He is telling the cops and social services that he paid his rent in cash, but never got a receipt, and we are lying. We have always given receipts when requested, and always give a written statement at the end of the year for income tax purposes. He always paid us a little here, a little there in cash when he started to fall behind. I guess he never kept track of what he gave us, and is now trying to figure it out. We have records..that is why God made Excel. And we didn't make babies with a crack cocaine hooker like he did and is now trying to use the SYSTEM to cover his lying ass. I still can't believe Child and Family Services gave those children to him.. The Grandmother...the ADVOCATE.. obviously does not care enough to see that they are safe and in a good place. She sides with the asshole....or maybe it's just easier that way and she doesn't have to take them in. I think Fostering would be a better option than this.

We contacted our previous tenants who moved out last year. This was their first house and they had two kids there. They lived in the house for eleven years... and we told them what was going on and they could not believe it. We are good landlords and we treat people with respect and go over and above what is expected of us, and they knew that. Many a time they fell short on their rent, but we knew they were good people and were going through a rough spot and we didn't care...we knew they would never let us down. I guess we got spoiled. We trusted.

We spoke to the rentals man office today, and hey said it was cut and dried, he will be out by mid December, even though he is playing the "kids" card.

I feel so sorry for those two little kids I have never met, now they are without a mom and their dad is a liar, and their Grandma is not much better. It breaks my heart into a million pieces. We have went through every agency we can to help, I don't know what else we can do.. the rent is only 500.00 a month plus utilities...and we could put that down to 400.00 plus utilities if he would only pay it, that would at least pay for the mortgage taxes and maintenance at the end of the year.. but I don't think that will happen. We don't care...if it pays for itself and the kids are in a good place, then we don't need a profit.. That little house, was always such a happy little house with the other tenants and their kids, and now it looks sad.

When he moves out I think we will tear it down. It will be just another parking lot.

What a wonderful world....


Brenda said...

I know how you feel Miz Joan, I will help anyone who will help themselves, but a liar and sneak I have no use for. I feel so bad for those kids that they have to live with someone like that.

Have you written everything down, dates, amounts he's paid and amounts he hasn't? It's so sad that people try to do right and get shit on by people like that guy.

Sally said...

Poor little kids; it's always them who suffer the most. You and Gord are good people, it's too bad that fellow doesn't realize how good he has it. I guess he doesn't want to work(?). Anyway, I see a parking lot in your future and will pray those little ones go to a loving home.

Anonymous said...

Geez - I thought I was having a hard time of it just getting paid a mere 1% of that amount! ;-) (American of course)

Tooimpecuniously yours,


Special K said...

My friend Rosie's parents used to own a few rental properties, and their maintenance was the death-knell of their marriage. Not necessarily for the usual upkeep and 24/7-on-call nature of the venture, but for the tenants.

By and large, they had good tenants, but that bad handful was enough to sink them, marriage-wise, and they eventually dumped the properties -- at a loss -- because they couldn't cope with the handful of douchebags making their lives a sheer and utter misery.

"It's the hardest money you'll ever make," said Rosie's mother, and I believe her.

I'm sorry you're having to deal with this bullshit.