Friday, November 14, 2008

Guess who?

Guess who's back...yeah joanie balonie. For anyone new here, she is my alter ego.. and a thorn in my side. Oh how I wish she would go away.

It's this time of year again "and the bitch is back." All of my better judgement has gone to hell in a hand basket. Hand basket? hmmm what is a hand basket? It just popped out, and I don't know what that is. I was going to google it, but I would like it to remain a mystery. It will give me something to think about when I can't sleep at night.

Yes, I knew she would arrive after the first snowfall. She is perched on my shoulder right now putting thoughts in my head that wouldn't ordinarily be there. Earlier on today, she told me to speed up while I was driving. She suggested ... if I drove any slower I would be stopped...bitch...I was going 45 km's in a 60 km zone. Well hells bells, it was slippery balonie/mcphoney..screw you. I am the cautious one, you on the other hand want to get me killed...and take over. Not gonna happen. Until I saw this on my back bumper when I got home...son of beehive...

Do you want to get me killed? duhhhh..

I was a little concerned after I left Safeway tonight, when two young men approached me for a little cash...and YOU...whispered in my ear..."kick them in the balls"...ummm yeah like THAT would have been a good idea. Sorry, but both my hips hurt and I'm old and they WERE young and scarey looking, so I just took off my Remembrance Day "Poppy" (the one that has a sharp pin in it)..from my jacket...and pointed it at them and asked them if they "wanted a piece of this". Those two bad boys had fear in their eyes. Plus I had a little luck when I started my truck with the remote starter...and the belt in the motor (that I haven't had fixed yet) squealed like a pig and scared them big time.

Balonie, can you now see how conflict can be avoided without violence? Both those little creeps moved down the parking lot to other victims. Wise up ass hole.

She has finally left the building...I'm still strong enough to get her off my shoulder. But there will come a day, she will overpower me and post when I'm not looking. If you see a post that looks a little strange, and doesn't have the same educated use of the English language I do, or the grammar, or the spelling, or the compassion I have for my fellow will be her. heh...yes it will be her, because I'm just about perfect, and she's a piece of dog turd.

That I just stepped on. I had to throw out my favourite slippers.

Okay, it was well worth it.


Brenda said...

I love the pitchfork and the bumper sticker, I need one of each of those bad boys.

Donna said...

Glad you had your stick pin!!! GEEZ! And a remote starter! I'm lovin' the orange!!Hahaaa...happy night Girl!hughugs