Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I'm changing the rules Ms. Fussy

I won't post everyday, but I will put up 30 posts this month. This is my promise to you. Yeah, I bet you can't wait. heh.. Rules are made to be broken. It's just been too crazy around here.

Gord's off work. Booo...his knee is still giving him grief. So he has promised to do absolutely nothing for two days. What a guy ... so far on day one...he hasn't moved an inch from the house, which is a miracle....but tomorrow I can't guarantee.. I bet he does something stupid. He goes for surgery in about two again. But maybe it will help. I can only hope. Poor guy, first is was gall stones, then a minor heart attack, and now the knee. IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING!

Like they say...getting older isn't for the weak. Or something like that, I always screw up those sayings.

I must congratulate my American friends for doing the right thing last night. God love you. I have always been a Liberal all my life...with some Socialist leanings. Yes, it can work both ways.

My new template is being made. I am so excited.

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Brenda said...

Aww,,to hell with following the rules all the time. Kick your feet up and break a few. I hope Gord's knee feels better soon.