Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas lights

It's kind of hard to see, but these are the lights on our bushes in front of the house...

Some of the lights had fallen down...because the cedar bushes don't really have strong branches.

I put about 3 strings of lights on the plum tree out back. It looks like Santa's sleigh!! I did it by accident. cool huh?

I had a shit house kinda day today. Nothing went right.

We are doing renovations. Today they were supposed to put the screen door in, plus finish off repairing window sills outside etc. And the door I bought did not fit. Well, fortheloveofmike... we measured...and measured twice...but apparently the builder of this house bought smaller doors and MADE THEM FIT in the frame with a whole bunch of other framing.....anyway ...the reno guys said the door we bought wouldn't was too big...then we went out and got a smaller door...and it was too small... then I took a hammer and hit them. Okay, I didn't really hit them, okay I just dented their heads. It wasn't their fault...Tomorrow they will re frame it and the door we bought in the first place should work...sigh....

It's always something!!


Brenda said...

The lights are pretty and the plum tree does look like Santa's sleigh landed there.

Nothing ever works out with contractors. Nothing. Ever. Once we had a contractor come measure for storm doors for our house. He measured, we had to send them back THREE times. I guess the dude couldn't read a tape measure.

Donna said...

Good Lord!! Why can't builders just build things RIGHT!! Idiots! The lights look great though sweetie!!hughugs