Sunday, November 16, 2008

Here we go again

I think we have a lost cat in the area too...there was someone nibbling the garbage bags by the back gate. Gord got sight of it and said it was black and white... I'm thinking skunk. He didn't have his glasses on..heh..

We bought a whole raft of new Christmas lights for the house this year. Manitoba Hydro is sponsoring a program which lets you take in your old inefficient outside lights to the stores of their choice, and you get a rebate when buying the new LED lights. They take a little getting used to, because they aren't a bright as the old ones. But, with the rebates from our old lights, we managed to buy 1000 new LED lights for 58 bucks... not bad. This is a good thing. We used to blow the breakers in the house on a regular basis with those big ole bad boys.

If you would have had a window into our lives this morning, you would have seen Gord up a ladder AGAIN... looking back at me in the kitchen window. Fixing the window one more time.

But this time it was winter, and he didn't have all those nails in his mouth either. He had his parka on, and his big boots which by the way look ridiculous. Both of his feet hardly fit on the rungs of the ladder, and Ohhhh he looked so clumsy, I almost went in and got a bunch of cushions should he fall...but from that height I don't think that would have make a difference. Living with a perfectionist is hard life. When he does a job it has to been done right. I, on the other hand am happy if it works "good enough"....I'm slap happy. He has ignored all the stuff that had to be fixed around here for 20 years and is so surprised that our..once new house is now very "used looking". What? No shit?

The carpenters and the painters should be in here in the next couple of weeks, and we can spruce her up again. I can hardly wait.

Last week I lost the remote for my radio and found it in the crisper of my fridge, this week I lost the remote to a new TV we had stored in the wood bin of our fireplace for a couple of years....don't ask...anyway, I wanted to set this TV up in the living room ..but the remote was being very remote. I looked everywhere for it. I think we had used the TV for probably a month at the time we put it away, and I'm guessing I threw it out by mistake...or the good lord, thought I had to much stuff and hid it on me. OR, it was stuck in the innards of the love seat I chucked out last's gone.

We went a bought a Universal remote. Well, fuck.......the font in the instructions were so small we had to get out a magnifying glass. Plus, it had obviously been translated to English from another language. Here we were, two old farts, sitting on the couch pointing the remote towards the TV, one trying to read the instructions, and the other trying to implement them. There was a lot of swearing going on...and in total disbelief that something like this, that should seem so easy, was yet so hard was happening. I blame it on the Chinese...there wasn't one complete sentence in the instructions...shit...if you want to sell this crap get it translated correctly. Or, maybe Gord bought a cheap knock-off piece of crap?....I'm thinking the latter. Dollarama isn't the best place to go for electronics is it? Welcome to my world.


cocoabean said...

A lot of times there is a website listed on the direction sheet.. see if that gives better directions for your remote!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

You sound and remind me so much of my Mum and Dad...
She reads and he Implements...Normally it results in a slanging match of insults.

Brenda said...

Oh dang, a snow right now would put me outta my misery. Keep that stuff up there please!

Did you ever get the remote to work?

canuckabilly said...

Nice look Joan. I like this. Well you know they have to make the print small on those instructions because how else would they get 47 different frickin' languages printed on that piece of paper. Then you spend 10 minutes turning it around, upside down, sideways and whatever to find one you can read.English is a universal language so if you don't understand, then get someone else to read it for you. Ok I'm done now. You have a nice week.

Donna said...

I Truly believe remotes have legs...hope you find it...Penny probably has it...hahahaa..Happy day sweetie!hughugs