Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's raining

Made a few changes to the old gal.  Tried a few tricks with the new blogger.  Almost got myself in gear to blog again.  But I can't promise anything. 

It is so beautiful tonight with the light rain.  We haven't had rain for so long.  When we moved in here last October 1st.  we never had rain until it started to snow. 

A lot of changes in our life with building a new house.  Some good, some not so good.  You have to deal with shit that wasn't done right the first time...and finally it seems everything has to been done twice. 

In the next weeks we will have our hardwood flooring replaced because it is lifting.  You have to fight for every stinking thing....but the good news is that it will be done....but it takes a toll...and you finally want to roll over and say ..... fuck this crap....but you can't. 

I never wanted to move... OH>>> I guess you knew this....but I have to say that I don't really miss the old house and all the work I had to do with the back 40.  That was a total bitch.  I was so amazed this fall when all I had to do was sweep up leaves from the back patio.  Next year will be a little different when we get some sod in the front and in the rear....but the wind actually takes all the oak leaves and blows them back in the forest.  I like dat....

Not missing the waterbed bit.   I never realized I was always on the hard side because Gord is twice as heavy as me...and brought my side up.  I was sleeping on a hill.  I missed the warmth...but that is why you have electric mattress heaters in real beds.  This mattress we have kind of stupid....only because we took the box springs out...and just laid the mattress on the bed frame...that came with a whole bunch of slats on the bottom.  With the box springs it was like 5,678 feet high.  Who likes falling out of bed and doing face plants for no reason at all. So.... even tho our mattress had a pad on it for comfort...but I decided to put a memory foam slab on top of that. 

Now....our bed looks like two canoes.....his and hers.... That sucker remembers all our pressure points and apparently it doesn't give it up.  Because when I want to make the bed....there is a huge lift in the middle ... (king size bed) and our little body outlines look like a scene out of a detective story.

Gone on a little too much about BEDS.....I miss writing. 

I edited some of the F Bombs I dropped...what is wrong with me?


Stubblejumpin Gal said...

Love the new design and glad to see some substantial scribbling from you after your long silence.

Joan said...

Hi Kathy,

I have tried to comment on your blog without any sucess. Word verification doesn't like anything I do!!

Stubblejumpin Gal said...

Then I shall remove the Word Verification setting, my dear, as I always want to hear from you! I've been getting a lot of robot spam from "Anonymous" and -- as complimentary as some of the robot spam is! LOL -- this was the only way I knew how to get rid of it.

I'll go change that setting back right now. Just for you. Because you're so special.


Brenda said...

It's beautiful in here! I always love reading about what you've been doing and what you're thinking. You're a fine lady Miz Joan!

Mary Lou said...

Wow, you have really made some changes in here since I last visited. looks good. I too have really missed blogging. I am starting to get back into it, but I doubt if I will ever be back like I was. It became my life, and then when people dropped out it was like a member of my family had died! I still grieve some of them. so I will see you in and out and about in blog land too.

Joan said...

I know what you mean Mary Lou so many have come and gone since we started in the olden days lol. It also became my life until decided I had to get one! It's bad enough that our friends, family etc. have so many problems...then to deal online friends whom we have or not have met are dying or in bad situations. After Kat died I decided to pull the was too hard. I was in contact with Klondike Kate for awhile...but that went South...because she got mad at me for something I said...still can't figure her out...

So I will update when the wind is right.

Joan said...

And to my friend Ms. Brenda...I love you and I hope you are seeing your way without your love of your life. I think of you every day. xxx