Sunday, July 30, 2006

My cookies have expired says Google

Google has just let me know I am no longer fertile. I guess someone had to tell me. Thank you Google for letting me I am a baren. Now Gord and I can have unprotected sex until we drop dead from the exertion. Nothing like good news from the Internet.

I have been doing nothing else other than sleeping since Friday. My week's holiday start tomorrow and I have been snoozing like crazy. I am so tired. I will finally be able to have a life of my own for a week and do what I want to do. I will probably sleep. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and I hope it does, nothin better than hearing the rain, while sleeping in bed. I washed all the bedding this afternoon, and hung out the comforter on the deck to air it out.

I was planning on doing a blog this afternoon, but the heat was so intense even the air conditioning could not keep the house cool. The humidity is so high it drains every ounce of energy from your body.... so I think Gord and I will have to schedule a "play date" for another time know.. when hell freezes over. At least it will be cool!

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