Monday, July 31, 2006

Can yee tell I'm on holiday...

The bottom pic is of hippychick blowing out the cauldron of candles, she is the blonde to the right, and immediatley after that she turned into a vampire and tried to suck my neck. Hey, I don't mind me a hickey or two, but not by some old broad.

The top pic, is where she was shrouded in veils, and we had to chant scarey stuff. God I am so glad they didn't make me wear a hat...

Her daughter had set the whole thing up, and she didn't have a clue what was going to happen. She phoned me a few days later, and was wondering if everyone would have thought it was hokey. I loved it, it was a little of everything. And it sure as hell was not boring. The only thing missing was the Tupperware saleslady hocking her wares.

We are once more missing one of our Attitude Adjustment Hours patrons. Sheila, my SIL who was absent for almost 6 months two years ago with cancer, now has broken her hip. She is only 58. I tells you these years are creeping up on us. Actually, the only reason it happened was she had radiation on all of her lower parts and this apparently decreases your bone density. She is a computer guru at a large Company and a lot of her time is spent troubleshooting, and if needed she drags PC's from one station to another. I guess it was too much and the ole hip..packed er in. She was hobbling around for about two months thinking she had strained a muscle, but they found out last week-end, after a trip to the ER that her hip was fractured. So she will come out of the hospital tomorrow, with a "walker" and a cane. They put in a "ball joint"... and with regular maintenance at her local car dealership she should be good to go in a month. She still looks like a little kid, you would never guess she was a grandmother of three. She is one of the best.

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