Sunday, July 16, 2006

Helter Swelter

Finally the wind picked up and is blowing all that stinky hot weather ..somewhere, I don't care just get it the hell away from me. A whole day shot, sitting inside. And now that it is cooling off a bit the wind started up.. sitting outside is uncomfortable...bitch bitch bitch. I know.

Yesterday, I became the queen of qool. I made a mixed CD. How, you say? Just a little luck, some blank CD's and I Tunes. I have been very hesitant in downloading free music since my last CRASH..with all the spyware etc. They were partially responsible for it, plus I must take my lumps and confess that I had a pirated copy of XP on my old computer and it would not let me put the service pack 11 on it. Thus the resounding thunderish crash fell upon my delicate ears, and my pocketbook. I resolved to stay straight, and pay for the shit I wanted (okay, I still have a few skeletons in my closet), but they won't affect my computer, as far as I know. But I was wondering last night why all my spreadsheets were upside down..hmmm Bill's on to me.

So, back to downloading music and actually paying .99 cents a song. The service is good, your songs are there forever, you can mix em up and do what you want and burn em. But you have to be a teenie careful of what you download...make sure you listen to the tune first...because sometimes it's not what it looks like. The quality from some of the albums are the "The best of"...I learned to try to take it off the album I knew where the song came from, because a lot of the time the artist will have been in concert, or a different schtick, and sang the same song, but it doesn't sound like the original you knew. I've only paid 12.00 to learn this, but I have some good songs and didn't go crazy buying crap. But, folks, please don't do what I did, I bought the same song twice. How fricking stupid is that? I'll tell you why, I liked it soooo much I wanted to pay extra. Yes, that is the way I am. When I go to Safeway and get an especially good piece of ham, I will go to the cashier and say, "I want to pay for this twice", because I think it will be so good!! blahhhh. I can't believe I bought the same song twice. I really think I Tunes should have a warning message for dumbfuckers like me..."DF you have bought a duplicate song, please indicate if you want us to download it again." Then at least I would still have my dignity fortheloveofacd. Like who wants to buy a Willy Nelson song twice, nevermind once. I had to buy it because Gord likes it. Okay, I don't "mind" it either.

You see, I have my best new friend here, his name is Curtis. "click it"

He is a all in one Radio AM FM/CD/MP3 player. And he only cost 35.00 bucks. I married him on Friday. Don't tell Ellen. No really, he's my new buggly eyed boom box I will be using to sit on my deck and listen to my fav tunes. So on Saturday I made my mixed CD. I went downstairs and brought up all my "real" albums and went through the songs I liked most on each of them, and started to download the songs from I Tunes. It's really nice to be able to do that, at least you don't have to sit for half an hour listening to shit you don't care about on an entire album. I got me Joe Cocker, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Willy Nelson, Eagles, Melanie, and others. Once I get tired of the old artists I'll start d/l newer stuff. I got the "music in me" now...

I'm telling youse guys, this heat wave ain't for the weak at heart. Our air conditioner in the house can hardly keep up. So, what do I make for supper tonight? Cabbage Rolls. Did I just hear you say, balonie, are you outta yer freeking mind? Well, yes I am, but there was a method to my madness, I didn't really wrap up the meat in the cabbage. I made humungeous meatballs with rice in them with all the spices etc. lined a roaster with cabbage, and poured the tomato topping on top, and called it a day. I'm thinking I have all the food groups in one small space and I don't have to put 567 pots on the stove to prove it. Then, for dessert I scrunched up a pile of blueberries and put a little sugar on them to make em weep. We will have that for dessert with ice-cream.

One hour later:

I have heartburn. The meatball cabbage thing was pretty good, if not overcooked, and it's giving me a little indigestion. I was going to have blueberries and ice-cream for dessert but they looked a little rigid. I would like to have the blueberries tested for their DNA...because I am sure they were rocks in their previous life, and someone messed with the chromosome, painted them purple and called them a bluestinkingberry.

I took a pic today of my dog melting in sun. If I would have left her there any longer she would have been a pile of lard. She was determined to play ball, no matter what!! and I think they are all in the wrong order...but I'm tuckered out.

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