Thursday, July 06, 2006

A little tired, and a little sad.

I have been a little remiss in my blogging this week. I'm "plumb" tuckered out after the weekend from hell. I am considering getting a divorce, and marrying my dog. Okay, maybe not, she doesn't have any money, and I'm all about the cash. Someone has to make the mortgage payments. I know the government is permitting gay marriages in our country, but I haven't heard anything about marrying your dog. I will bring that up in parliament the next time I go to Ottawa. And if anyone wants to know my hus/dog name, I will point out to them that we have a "freedom of information act", that prevents little snoops from knowing his/her pedigree, and what kennel she was born in. After all, I don't want the whole world to know if I marry a mutt. Maybe I should just go to Utah and start a polygamous sect which lets me marry as many dogs as I want to. I better get on that before the "Profit" Warren Jeffs gets the idea first.

I'm fading fast folks. I mowed the lawn tonight, it was 32 degrees Celsius. I know, I'm nuts, but with this heat wave, and no rain, the back 40 looked so ragged I had to clean it up.

I got some bad news this afternoon. My cousin Brian Hamm died last night. If you remember last year about this time, I had two funerals to go to as his dad and his mother died one week apart. Two weeks after that Brian had a heart attack. This led to different problems, and he was finally diagnosed with a fatal blood disease. So, it has been a waiting game for his immediate family, and my cousin Phyllis, his sister.

So, on Monday, I will go back home again to my little town in Southern Manitoba. The town that gave me so much joy in my childhood, and now only brings tears of old friends and relatives who have left this world. I have to be there for Phyllis, she pretends to be the pillar of strength, but I don't know how much more grief she can bear. We had a wonderful chat two weeks ago, she was at Hippychicks Birthday Party, and we sat and talked for quite sometime, and got caught up with our respective lives. Sometimes, cousins drift apart, but when push comes to shove, we are there for each other. I will be there for her.

He is the little guy on the right, with his older cousins beside him. He was so smart and funny, and loved to play tricks on his younger cousins when he was young. God Bless Him!!
I just realized when I looked at the picture again, that's my little bro in the background in the back of the truck!! Little bugger!! If his ears were any bigger he would have flown away!!

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