Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Taking care of business

Windows and doors are closed once more, and it's summer for the loveofmike.

That hot dirty windy air, is just making a tragic mess of my garden and yard. So, I give up. Let it be. Sigh. Sometimes you can't change what is to be. I won't worry about it anymore. Things could be worse. But, I tend to dwell on the day to day stuff instead of looking at the big picture, so it might turn around. Until I built the pond last year I didn't give a crap anyway, and God knows, I am the worst flower gardener in the world. e nuff b i t c h i n g...

I got to work this morning, and the whole parking lot was empty?? huh.. I tried the back door and it was locked? huh.. Nobody phoned and told me we had closed up?? Usually my boss is there at 7:00 AM sharp. I unlocked the door and all the lights in the warehouse were off. I slowly stepped in, keeping the door open and yelled, "hello"..nuttin... I turned on the warehouse lights, and surveyed the situation like a P.I. I put my back on the hallway wall, and inched my way to the first doorway. From my purse, I pulled out my "Adidas" "Adrenaline Body Mist perfume bottle. Whoever was in the building was going to get it sprayed smack dab in their eyes, and smell good going to jail. This shit it better than "pepper spray", I tells you. It will remove your eyelashes, honest. Yeah.

As I was inching my way to my office, with my lithe body ready to go into kung fu mode at any time, I noticed a spider on the wall, and fell down in fear. I sprayed him with me Adrenaline Body Spray, but he took no notice and kept on getting closer. Apparently this gave him....Adrenaline (who knew) and he kept on coming, closer and closer. Now, I was getting a little anxious, so I decided to walk down the corridor instead of clinging to the wall, .. Problem solved. But as I walked down the long dark corridor I kept my bottle of Adrenaline in my right hand ready to spray any intruder in the building. As I opened the door to our offices from the warehouse, I crouched down and surveyed the interior. I could not hear anything except the hum of our computers. I slowly, inched my way in the main office, "spray" in hand, and then phone rang, and I damn near wet my "big girl" pull ups.

Once in the office, I realized the crew had been in..and out..then remembered we had a big job about 30 miles out of town where all of the guys plus boss man would be needed. I will post some pic's tomorrow of the huge electrical cables they put down in trenches for the job. It's mind blowing.

So, since I had the whole day to myself, I locked the front door, turned off the overhead lights, grabbed some coffee and snacks and read blogs all day. Oh and yes, I also perused the internet to find some free music downloads ... I don't mind paying for a few I Tunes, but their selection did not include enough alternative stuff I was looking for. I found a few sites I will try at home. Tough day at work again ..heh!! I hope my boss goes golfing tomorrow. He looked so beat when he came back from the job site, I was tempted to spray him with some of my Adrenaline spray......god those guys are stinky when they get back from work. Meanwhile, I was smelling fresh as a daisy all day, in an air conditioned office taking care of business.

Just a note..spell checker alternative for Adidas..was "idiot"

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