Sunday, July 09, 2006

Time flys..

The week end flew by so quickly, I hardly had time to blink. I am still so totally obsessed with that pond, and flower garden it getting sickening, even to me. I dropped another 80.00 bucks at Home Depot on Friday, and bought a few more plants, and somemore tree bark for the landscaping. I need some serious help here folks. The real problem is, I buy all this shit and ..ahem..don't always plant the plant, at least 5 of them are still in their original containers, and I keep moving them around the garden. They are totally confused. I am doing what I always do, setting myself up for disaster. When I get pumped with an idea, I will take it to unbelievable lengths, research it, buy all the crap then get it all going...and then..oops I have am tired. I realize I have to work 5 days a week, and I'm not retired. I did that with scrapbooking, I did that with crocheting, I did that with blogging. So far blogging is the only one I have kept up with (well I'm getting a little slow at that too). I haven't even touched on all the little things I wanted to do but never really have the time for. Mind you, I have all the supplies in a closet somewhere if the chance should present itself.

Don't even remind me, when I was in my puzzle faze. "Fortheloveofajigsaw," I saw puzzle pictures in every landscape I drove past. And I had the end pieces put together. Insane. Let's not forget the rug hooking era...I have a few to finish from 1986. And did I mention the macrame?..LOL...jeezzzz I must have made a thousand of plant holders in the 70's. I killed every plant I put in them. String Art..did you ever do that? Hammer a trillion nails on a piece of plywood, paint it black, and thread string around the nails to make very "hip images." I saw a few of them at "Value Village" the other day...

Nuttin much going on, now that our drains are unplugged. But, with our life...another disaster is just around the corner. It is really "Always Something"

I have a weeks holiday at the end of the month. I don't have any plans, but I think I will just drive around a check out guys butts. At least this hobby won't cost me any money, I have a digital camera, I have a blog, and I have a printer...can life get any better. Stay tuned.

Sunday food update:

I forgot to mention this last week, that I had a potato problem. I neglected to prick the taters before I put them in the oven to bake. We had a small explosion in the oven. Never fear, only one exploded and left just enough for me in it, because I can never finish a whole one, and Gord's tater was spared. phewwww it's those little disasters in life that were averted.

Tonites Supper: (boring)

Roast Beef (with 10 cloves of garlic stuck in it
Roasted spuds
Carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower with butter

It's all about the gravy!


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