Sunday, June 21, 2009

I can't even describe

How tired I am.

Between work, housework, and my frigging back yard. I'm done. Done!

I know I bitched about our winters here. But you know?...It was good. Because summer just opens another door of more shit you have to do! Planting a whole bunch of flowers that will be dead in three months is not my idea of a good time. In my case, they will probably be dead tomorrow.

Today, I seriously reached my limit. Yesterday I had a shit pile of stuff to do in the house, it looked like a war zone in here. I didn't even have time to go grocery shopping. Today it was laundry, cleaning up the back 40, because our trees have decided to shed seed in copious amounts, plus branches seem to break off when a little bird sits on them.... or a tiny squirrel runs up a branch. Crack, crack all I hear all day. God forbid a small wind. Then it's pick up, pick up and pick up branches again. Mother nature, you piss me off. I think they are in menopause, they might need some calcium.

So I had to do the laundry, go to the store and get groceries, plant the rest of the stupid flowers, pick up sticks, and supervise Gord cleaning out the eaves. Remember me telling youse guys we had trees growing out of them!

Well, as usual I am such a worrybitch. When Gord put the ladder up to the house to clean the eaves I became his worst enemy. For some reason when he goes out to do stuff like this ... he puts on a pair of boots that must weight 55 pounds. He can hardly walk....nevermind climb a ladder, but he always wears those stupid boots! He climbs the ladder like the HULK, clunk, clunk, clunk, then slips down a rung, and corrects himself.........oy. I stand on the side and yell up stuff careful, ...and he yells back down...WHAT? I yell again, be careful, and all I can hear is 'Shuthehellup" are driving me crazy. ME? But, I don't stop there, I supervised the entire event from below. I know for a fact a few times when he was throwing down wet sloppy leaves they did not land on my head by accident.

Seriously, is summer worth all this crap? Well it was around 9:00 pm when we were sitting on the deck chatting. Penny had her own chair beside us and was a happy little dog. The frogs were croaking in the pond, the weather was warm, and it was just getting dark enough so we couldn't see our ugly back yard. We looked at each other and said ...ain't life grand, and the sky opened up ... and pissed all over our parade. So we took our sorry asses back in and I got on the internet and paid some bills, and he fell asleep in front of the TV. So much for that. It may as well be winter.


Brenda said...

But Miz Joan, Winter is cold!

I hope you were finally able to relax.

Anonymous said...

I should send Gord some of my big-ass garden spike shoes. Imagine how much fun he could have with those! You too, for that matter.

judemiller1 said...

Seriously--you are one hysterical woman--love this blog!!!

Joan said...

I can't figure those shoes out. We have clay based soil here. One step and it would be all over. You would need a backhoe to pull me out. And I don't think my insurance covers that. heh..

Donna said... Funny...
The skies tend to do that at times.....Hahaaa...hughugs