Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Holy "F" it's Wednesday already

The days turn into weeks, and the weeks turn into shit. And so she goes.

Remember Eddie, the guy from my hometown who found me on facebook?

Well apparently he wasn't the only ass hole. He reminded me of all the shit I did to him.

I guess I forgot that I did get him back, more than once. Yeah, I remember now. God I was an douce bag.

I'll get back to that tomorrow.

My pillow calleth.


cocoabean said...

funny how that works, huh?

Donna said...

No Way, was our Joan mean!!! He must be having problems remembering things...HAhaa...Happy day girl!hughugs

Sally said...

Yeah, he probably has CRS and is just making things up!! :)

Brenda said...

I agree with Donna and Sally, that man is mistaken!