Friday, June 19, 2009

I met Eddie on Thursday after 40 years

Lordie, he is a handsome dude. He still has all his hair and everything. Curly gray hair...and he is younger than me. Probably by 4 years and that would make him around 60 now. He was younger and a annoying dick just like my brother, always getting into my business. . So, I guess if you would ask my brother or anyone who pissed me off in those days, they would say, don't mess with her, she will make your life miserable. As older sisters do to their brothers and his stupid friends. This was just such a case. I was always fighting the brat pack...

Eddie wrote me this email in response to mine:
As far as your feet dangling out of a car window....I wish I remembered that. I am sorry though if I caused you any anguish. I really am. I remember you as a Gidget type of girl. Very prissy, always well behaved, well maintained and well dressed. I don't even remember you dating anybody. Maybe you weren't the angel I thought you were...ha! ha! I do remember you telling my dad that you had seen me smoking. When I got home, I opened the back screen door and met his back hand on my face. He warned my never to smoke again while he's puffing on one himself. Go figure. Does this make us even? or am I still in your bad books?

Have a great weekend and I'll try to stop in next week.
Look what I did. This guy thought I was a goddess . That is the evil of the Facebook.

He thought I was Gidget? Yes I was Gidget. But not half as nice. I was always chasing after a moon doggie. James Darren...I still heart you.

Eddie was very nice, and a total gentleman. He is working on a job site close to my shop and stopped in on Thursday at my shop.

We had a great talk.. It was a little stilted at first, because what do you say to someone you haven't seen in 40 years?

You know what, would like tell more of the story, but my peepers are going to sleep. The story is just small talk, nothing more. What a nice guy. What good memories.

Yours truly



Brenda said...

Aww, it's always nice to see old friends, even if he was a brat back then. Hope you had a restful sleep Miz Joan!

Dorie said...

I know what you mean about Moondoggie- wow he has just improved with age!

Donna said...

Alright now Gidget! I think it's time to forgive the guy...He seems like he's done some growing up since those days...but "prissy"??? Really?
Just let him know, if he steps out of line again, you've got a friend in Texas with a flatbed PU...That should do the trick!!Hahaa...Happy day Girl!hughugs

Anonymous said...

He thought you were Gidget! That is really a sweet thing to say! My friend that I had not seen for 37 years stood me up - and least he dropped by to see you! I feel like a loser. I'd rather be a Gidget.