Friday, June 05, 2009

Bad video..and ramblings

Be prepared for bad video I am doing this all by myself. I think I have nice video of the floor most of the time.

Just to catch you up. I replied to Eddie last night, and I got the best response today. He is a really nice adult. I didn't kick his ass with my reply, because usually nobody remembers life the same way. We just exchanged formalities. Where we live, who we married, our parents, etc. I think we only remember what affected us at the time.

He was just probably being a freaky little kid, like my brother, always getting into my business. I remember when Gord and I went to his school reunion, a speaker remembered Gord as a bully and would always beat him up when he was delivering papers. The guy said in jest, but that is how HE remembered it. Gord almost fell off his chair. He couldn't remember it. I swear Gord kissed that guys ass the whole evening. He was so embarrassed. So, I'm thinking Eddy never meant any harm, it was was.

It's funny how we don't let the old shit go. His one recollection of me was that I had a small dog that always wanted to bite him in the store....yes that was "Snowball" a Chihuahua I always carried in my arms wherever I went or had tucked in my jacket. My friend had to find a home for him and because I loved him so much anyway, she gave him to me. In a small town like Altona, no one had ever seen a Chihuahua so he always stood out where ever I went. And he didn't like boys. Except my dad. He was a yakking dog, only because the girl I got him had 4 brothers who always teased him. Poor little guy. Snowball was a wonderful little guy. When we were going out...Gord used to pick me up on his motorcycle, and I would put Snowball in my school jacket and tuck him up under the snaps just enough so he could stick his nose enjoy the breeze. And away we would go. He loved it.

This is an oil painting a friend of my brothers did of him..

Okay the video has been downloaded. Forgive me. Seriously. The video says Gordon Martin..but that is me. My stuff is all messed up. I will fix it tomorrow.

Workout 2 - I have no shame from Gordon Martin on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Unnnhhh - Think ya need to attach a boom mike to that helmet!

Get Gord to buy you one so you don't have to shout when you go riding with him....


Donna said...

LOLOLOLOL...Hahahaaa...OMGord!!!! I Love this! And when you went to take a drink of wine(?) I totally lost it!!!HAHahahaaa...Send this in to The Worlds Funniest Videos!!! Now I have to go get Hubby to watch!!
Thanks for the laughter sweet Joan!!!hughugs

Curtis said...

Some things never change...always something going on over here. Geez I'm tired just watching you workout. Was that wine of water? I got my workout today pushing 2 lawnmowers. lol

Anonymous said...

Okay, that's it, lady! You ARE coming to the next Javelina Hunt! It is not optional! You crack my shit up! Did you say "fuck" at the very end?

Joan said...

I did.

Sally said...

This just totally stinks 'cause I can't watch, but I know if I did I'd be wettin' me pants. You're too funny!! :)

I love that you took the little chi-chi with you on the motorcycle with Gord. We had two when we were growing up and yeah they're yappers but so sweet.

Joan said...

Sally, it spins around for a bit, but then starts to least at my end. maybe I should change video people.

Brenda said...

Ahahahahahahahahaha! That's my kind of workout routine for sure! Love it!

I bet Eddy remembers what a shit he was but hopes that you don't! :-)

Donna said...

Hi girl! Crystal taught me to do it this way:
1. Get your old photo and stand it up against a backdrop
2. Get your camera and take a picture of it..try to cut your flash off if you have good lighting over the picture
3. After you take all the pictures you want, hook up your camera to your computer and upload them
4. There they Are! Now you can put them on youur blog Or wherever you want them!

Easy! You can Also thak them with your cell phone and email them to yourself, Open your email, click on the picture and save as...whatever you want to call it and hit save. It's the longer process of the two...I just use my small camera. Works best.

Happy night sweetheart!!

Joan said...

Thanks Donna, scanning takes so darn long. I will try it.


Mary Lou said...

Uh, Your brother was a DOG????? I'm confused....