Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just a quicky...

It was Hippy Chicks Birthday today, so we all went out for supper...and now I don't have any jam left. I know....I am really getting old fartish. But, it's a week day people!! I have to go to work tomorrow.

Happy Birthday old friend; you always continue to amaze me with your energy and wonderful spirit.

She asked us not to bring any presents, but only a "slip" of a perennial from our gardens, that she could plant in her garden on the farm in our honour. How cool is that?

I brought my favourite plant. It's a prairie grass that has huge tassels on it once it's full grown. I have been looking for this plant for years, and I found it about 3 weeks ago. I bought three of them but only had room for two, so I gave the other one to her. So, it wasn't really a "slip" from a plant I had in my garden, but it surely is my favourite plant. I hope when she see's those big tassels waving in the wind when it's full grown .... it will me be waving back at her.

Happy Birthday Janis!!


Sally said...

Awww, that's sweet!!

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Janis!

You're a fine lady Miz Joan!

Donna said...

How sweet is That?!!! Hope she had a fun day!!hughugs