Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have tomorrow off...plus the entire week. I am so relaxed I'm almost falling off my chair. I HAVE 5 DAYS OFF. Tomorrow is July 1st. Canada Day, and I took the rest of the week off.

We are going to build my old fashioned picnic table tomorrow..like the one's you see in the parks. I love them.

I know for certain one of us will get hurt. We don't work well together, but I will try to hold my tongue if it means putting some duct tape over my mouth, because I NEED this table.

I'm looking forward to a great Canada Day. I even have some fireworks... plus a really nice supper planned. Just the two of us..and our Penny.


Sally said...

Happy Canada Day!! Enjoy your time off! :)

Anonymous said...

I wanna celebrate Canada day! I need another holiday! May I, please?

Brenda said...

Happy Canada Day!

You and Gord better not hurt each other too badly.

Joan said...

He got out the chain saw...but no limbs other than the trees were cut off. It's been a miracle.

Donna said...

Hope you had a Great Canada Day!! Now what 'cha doing???
Making our Magical Musical Video???Hahaa...
Happy week to you sweetie!!hughugs