Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm a gardening fool

I spent the major portion of the afternoon and evening hurting myself. Apparently, I have been walking on rugs, concrete, and icy walkwalks for 6 months. I forgot to switch to an uneven lawn with tree roots sticking up 9 inches. I did a face here, I did a face plant there, and everywhere I did a face plant!

At one point, I I face planted in a pile of dog shit, "why the hell bother getting up." This all there is. This is what life gives you after all these years. Laying in a pile of dog shit.

Part of it could be .. I'm walking like a bow legged cowboy. I spent the major portion of the day cleaning out my pond. I smell like pond scum...let me tell you. I'm rancid. Nothing smells like decay more than a whole bunch of leaves rotting in the bottom of a pond...nothing. Then I had to clean up whole garden. Oh my.

I am a office worker, an admistrative assistant if you must know, and I'm not used to bending down and picking stuff up, unless someone in the office drops some money on the floor. Other than that I don't do shit. And after 6 months of winter I am totally out of shape. Today however, there was so much shit to pick up and to dispose of, my " pick up" went to "park my ass."

I bought all my annual flowers yesterday. But it's still way to cold to plant them. I was working out in the garden with my fleece hoodie. It was cold.

I took a good look around the back 40 today, and am very disappointed. We have 5 trees that are dead. Two were dead last year, but you couldn't really see it because the other trees covered them up....but now it's time to get someone in and take them down.

My husband, ever the optimist( and cheap) said ..well I'll get out the chain saw (his father's.. probably made in 1945) and cut the trees down. ( I don't think it has a chain guard on it), and looks and sounds like a war machine. I think my Lutheran is still a "little more German" than I would like to think. Vat is next...after he gets a taste of the trees...the neighbours? Gott im Himmel!


Brenda said...

Last year we bought a cute little chainsaw down at the Wal Mart (you know how I hate to write that) for less than $300. Might be better than turning him loose with the german monster. :-)

Don't be planting your face too much, ya hear?

Donna said...

You Be Careful up there!!! Just get up on that porch and sit Still!!Hahaaaa...
And take that chainsaw Away from Gord!! Man with chainsaw is a BAD combination!!
SAFE night Sweetie!!!hughugs