Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I decided to junk this baby up

A underwater theme...sort of. If you will.

The text margins are a little narrow, but I don't know how to widen them without loosing the bubbles. I just couldn't resist playing around with another "free" template.

So, I'm on a roll. I'm BACK!

We just had the back 40 cleaned up. And holy moly, it is lovely. They did a wonderful job.

I was not looking forward to cleaning it all up ... never again will I have to, because I love them. I'm sure it would have killed me this year...it's just too much work.

Forecast for this week: rain tomorrow, rain the day after, and possible snow flurries on Friday, well "fudge" ...seriously ridiculous.

The good news Allison on American Idol stole my heart today with her rendition of Janis Joplin's "Cry Baby".... and here I was just bitching about my aching body and she had me up dancing like the ole days... and I flicked my bic! And I scared the dog. I'm a dancing machine.

I agreed though, she should have done something by Jefferson Airplane..Gracie Slick.."Don't you want somebody to love"...or "White Rabbit" ...she's got the voice for it.

30 minutes later: My left ankle gave out, and I may have set the house on fire by flicking my bic and all the dancing. Call 911.

Nevermind ... Gord came home and found me before the fire department got here. All is well.

I am determined to keep on rocking...maybe in a chair...fortheloveofmike. heh.

Just shitting...I'm still downloading old Jefferson Airplane tunes I forgot about.

I love Grace Slick (as far as I am concerned she WAS Jefferson Airplane.)

Yeah...I'm still an old rocker....in her chair with an ice pack on her ankle.

PS... if I could only move the text part over a wee bit and reduce the blue margins it would look so much better...any suggestions...I know...here I go again!

I was just sitting here editing my blog and listening to the news on TV. Apparently a homeless person saved a kid from drowning after he fell off a bridge. The major of our city was so impressed he gave him seasons tickets to the Goldeyes (our baseball team).

Huh...???the guy probabaly lived under the bridge...wouldn't the logical thing to do is GIVE HIM SOME PLACE TO LIVE??? ..tickets to a baseball game??? WTF?? I'm really pissed off. I will get to the bottom of this news story tomorrow.

Something stinks...


Judy said...

I like the new template.

Anonymous said...

I like this new template too. And...Allison blew me away! The girl is astonishing! And the duet with Adam! Be still my heart! How about a few exclamation points! Okay!

Sally said...

You always find the neatest templates. :)

Donna said...

Tickets?????OMWord!!! Idiot! Maybe the guy can sell them! I like the bubbles...but I'm not sure how to widen this...There Should be a Width and Height in the code...you could play with it from there...
SNOW??? Lordy...It's in the 90's here today...Stay warm sweetie!!hughugs

Brenda said...

I like the template too!

Those old rock tunes are the best cause you can even understand the words.

Find out about that Mayor, tickets indeed!