Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Robbing the cradle

American Idol:

Adam Lambert...you little scoundrel...come to mamma! heh

What the hell just happened here? Did some of my long lost hormones find there way back home?

I thought they were in the landfill.

Apparently, one or two made it back out and found their way back home.

All kidding aside..them damn kids did fine and their momma's can be assured I'm not stalking their babies.

These are the bad boys that tripped me up the other day.

I must have been standing on my head to take this picture..I don't know why it turned out this way. I didn't turn the camera around or anything. Anyway, you can see the lips on the manly slippers of doom. We officially broke up. I tried to wear them again yesterday and almost broke my dot com. No one likes a broken link.

What to see something really gross? My supper. I loves me some "Raisin Chicken." I grew up eating it. I may have shown this before....if not this is today's fixings.

It's a whole cut up(skinned) chicken..browned and smothered in raisins and some chicken stock...(salt& Pepper) and left to simmer for about an hour. (covered) I had to put a little more water in it later because it started to get dry when I took the picture. It's makes the most sweetest sauce. I usually serve it with rice or boiled potatoes. Just a mennonite recipe if you are interested. It's really good with creamed corn...ahhhh. And a nice roll to sop up all the juices. My mother never skinned the chicken, we just used to call the raisin sauce drippings (grease gravy).. god it was good. and greasy. But that's the way we used to roll. But the cleaned up non greasy version still tastes very good.

I took my Penny for her first walk since last April tonight. She has been doing so good lately, I just couldn't deny her one anymore. She needs to sniff other dog shit..it's like "crack" to a dog..and she just needs to be outside the perimeter of our back yard, big as it is.

We did a short walk, but she was pretty pooped by the time we got home. I sure hope I didn't mess anything up with her bum leg. I don't care anymore, if she's only got a limited time left, she may as well be happy. But, so far it's all good.


Dorie said...

I've never heard of chicken with raisins, but it does sound good! I love a raisin pie now and then too.

Donna said...

Oooh that looks Good!! I'll need to try that!
Those shoes Do look lethal!!! Throw 'em to the curb Girl!!hughugs

Sally said...

Yes indeed, I can understand why you broke up with those slippers!!

I understand what you're saying about your sweet Penny, and don't blame you a bit.

Raisins & chicken, hmmmm, sounds and looks good!! Do you flour the chicken?

judemiller1 said...

OHMIGOSH--I love raisins, not so much chicken, but perhaps I would like this recipe. I am going to try this. The manly slippers are gonna kill you--dump them,,ok?

Brenda said...

I love chicken and I love raisins but I don't think I'd like them together. I don't want pineapple on my ham, or apples in my slaw either.

I can see why you'd be tripping the light fantastic in those big ol slippers.

Anonymous said...

Adam Lambert is a god! What an amazing young man! Methinks he got robbed - that this was all a set up. Maybe you can send Adam your slippers. He might be sad right now and need some cheering up.