Thursday, May 07, 2009

I had this really neat idea

Now, you know there is trouble ahead don't you. I'm going to make a weekly or bi-weekly video(depending on time restraints) of my fitness routine. I work out every Saturday. By work out I mean cleaning the house. It's gotta count for something! I don't have all the fancy workout clothes, i pods, yoga mats, etc. but I will improvise.

I didn't pay 125.00 bucks for that little video camera for nothing. Let's put it too good use shall we. But I do have a stair master... meaning all four freaking levels of my house. Think recession people and make do with what you have. Why should I go to the gym and pay them for what I already do. I know what you are thinking... most people go to the gym at least 3 times a week.....yeeeah...but my house only needs cleaning once a week, so what is your point?

I have all my workout gear check list ready to go:

  • Find your aerobic santa pants...done
  • Get out the boom box ... because I don't own a i pod. I will do my workouts with it perched on my shoulder for a better cardio. Note to self: Watch for the extension cords on the boom box because could trip on it or electrocute yourself. Good thinking... Done.
  • Look for a yoga mat. Do bathroom floor mats count?..if so...Done
  • Sweatband for the you can see what you are doing after all that working out...well it's a funny thing, I don't sweat UP there. My ass sweats. Dogs pant when they sweat, my ass sweats when I'm hot. Ummm.. hot as in doing my workouts...just so's you know. Sooo... I might just have to get a giant Kotex pad for that sweaty crack in my ass. I will be wearing Santa pants so that giant piece of lumber will not show on the video. I hope. Because deep down I am still a lady. I will borrow one (um, I don't think she would want it back) from one from my neighbours who still has hormones...Done.
  • Check my life insurance policy ..Done....Gord gets nothing if I kill myself making a video pretending to do aerobics..
  • I love these bullets. How come I never noticed them before. Done.


Anonymous said...

Those Santa pants make up for a lot of what might be considered "missing." My God, you are funny!

Donna said...

Hahaaa!! Can't WAIT to see the FIRST Installment of cleaning techniques!! You GO Girl!!!! Happy Friday!!hughugs

Sally said...

HA!!! I just finished a workout exactly like that! The girls moved into a tri-level and let me "help" clean. YUCK!!!! Thank the heavens, no video camera. :)

Brenda said...

That's one video I'd pay to see. Santa pants loaded with lumber, can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I haven't worked out in weeks. I should work out today. My bathrooms could use a good cardio.

Donna said...

....WHAT!!! Where's my Mother's Day VIDEO of you Cleaning???!!!Hahaaa....hughugs

Anonymous said...

Google reader listed you with a video - which I watched - and peed my pants when I saw that helmet. But where are they now? I am despondent.

Donna said...

The Cardio Workout Gone Wrong post isn't showing up! I See it on My blogroll but when I click on it it says it doesn't exist! Help!