Sunday, May 24, 2009

We now own a Ant Farm

This has been our first weekend of good weather since last October. I actually shed my hoodie. My second skin, my pacifier.

But, there was not too much to do in my little pond garden except clean up last years dried up foliage. The perennials are still only shooting out of the ground, so I didn't put in any extra annuals yet. For, tomorrow it could snow. I spent most of the day searching for all my pond people, and all the stuff I boxed up last fall for the garden. I put it all away in the sheds out back. Gord, apparently re-arranged everything. Between tripping over his motorcycle, garden tractor, and garden hoses, I managed to find a few things. But, I don't trust the weather just yet so we won't be turning on the outside taps just yet. The trees are not even in full leafage yet. Is that a word? I don't think so.

What I did do was buy another water feature for my garden...that makes three so far. Don't be surprised if I don't electrocute myself.

It's the one on the left...with all the fake flowers in it. I just put them in there to be able to visualize what real flowers look like. It's still too early around here. It's really cute. It will be going down to the garden once everything is warm enough. The fake pump is on top ..along with the the bowl filled with water that comes out the pump spout. The bottom is just a nice place to put some annuals in. The one beside it..again filled with fake flowers ...just so I could visualize it.. is three tiers of containers. This one and another I bought one will stay on the deck. I like that container, you can plant a whole bunch of different plants, some will be vines, others will be begonias, etc. Our deck if very shady so I have to stick to the shade lovers. It even has wheels on it. So I can move it around, if I want to. It will be very heavy once I get all the dirt in there. Thankyou to the wheel inventor.

I put Penny's ball in there, because the sound of the water dripping from that height made me want to pee. With the ball in there, it was a kinder and more gentle sound.

So, the yard is still a work in process, it's butt ugly, but give it a month and it should be in full bloom. Fuck I hate this place. You barely get out the summer stuff and you gotta stick it back in the shed for winter. And this was a winter from hell. Or? I'm getting older and tired of wasting 6 months a year of my life wearing a hoodie and a parka.

I used to laugh at people that went to Arizona for the winter (Snowbirds...we call them) retired folks who don't want to deal with this shit. Well, the last laugh is one me. But I will never trundle off to AZ and rent a condo and play scrabble with a bunch of senior citizens whose moles are getting larger by the minute as they sit in the sun. I would rather go to British Colombia and get the best of both worlds. Hardly any snow, a little rain, some sun...and the whole place smells like cedar. The last time I was in Vancouver, I could smell cedar everywhere, even in the parking lot of a 7-11. I would love to ditch this place and move to Vancouver...very very much.

That was my dad's dream too. He and Mom were going to retire in Kelowna BC. But, fiances didn't let that happen. My nephew lives there, he lives the dream. I envy him. It is the most beautiful place on earth....the mountains, the steams it's all there.

But, I am dreaming, I still have my own "fish to fry" I discovered ANTS in my house. Those little bastards should be ready for war because I'm ticked off. Last week I discovered little "hopper" looking bugs in my indoor plants. I can't kill them. Every time I water the plants they come hopping up out of the soil ...and I see them flying around. GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE. i no like bugs. I tried Safer soap..but these bugs are laughing at me! They are just in the soil not on the leaves...and then every once in while they come to visit us in the kitchen. Anyone got a solution?

I got a ham in the oven, and some scalloped potatoes brewing. Time to get it all together before the ANTS and GNATS get it!! AND TAKE OVER OUR WHOLE HOUSE.

Note: After supper we found where the ants were coming in. So I guess I can turn off my caps! Unless they are back tomorrow.

So.. bye


Brenda said...

The ants are plaguing us again this year, I'm calling the exterminator!

Sally said...

Oh, I love the old fashioned pump; it reminds me of my grandmother's house~it was right outside the back door so the men could wash up before coming into the house from the fields. Of course, it was used by everyone including bath water for the tin tub they used to bathe me in when I was little. The porch was all windows, and I always thought people were lookin' in. My mom laughed at me, she was good at that!!

Okay, bye.

Joan said...

Brenda I found where they were coming in between the patio door and the kitchen. I taped up the area, and now they are gone. I was freaking yesterday, they were on the kitchen counters and in the bathroom. I'm still looking down as I walk in the kitchen. I have never had ants before. yikes.

Sally, isn't the pump great, but it doesn't really work. We had a pump in our kitchen when I was widdle too... right by the sink. We had a cistern in the basement, and mom used to prime it and and the water came out like magic. I can still remember the sound it made.

Donna said...

Go read this link...he has a neat blog!

I love you TOOOO!!!
Sorry to be late today...I actually had to work at work today...Hahaa
Sweet night to you!!hughugs