Sunday, January 08, 2012

I still can no talk

The voice she be gone.  I can say four words...and then garble.  The world will rejoice.

I bought a little blackboard for my desk here in the kitchen.  It's cute.  It has a place for chalk and a little teeney weenie eraser.    I put up notes for myself and Gord.  On the top I put up what we are having for NOTHING YOU WERE LATE....and other mental notes: coffee
...clean up dog shit on the deck something about the hair on your upper look like a man
...get a hair cut and get your roots done.. you look like shit

That is all the room I have on my blackboard. But I had so much more to say and try to remember for next week.  We have flooring issues as I mentioned on hopefully that will be resolved.  I can't believe we will have to remove all of this...and start again.  If so, I will request carpeting be installed because I have just had just about enough about this.  I am so freaking tired of this floor and the way it is the can't even walk in here with sock feet...and it shows every foot print. I call  Bull Shit....  And the company knows...they tried to screw us  around.  We paid for this...and we  want it right....

Opps got a little mad there...heh....but hey sometimes you just want to sit down and not worry what the next disaster willl be.

Now it is time for me and mister to go and eat soup!!!


Donna said...

Oh Joan...I just cannot Imagine! A Brand spankin' new house with crap for flooring!! You are a LOT more calm than I would be....Geeez!
Hope something can be done soon!!

PS- Get Better Soon!

Joan said...

Don't you worry Donna...shit will be a flying...