Thursday, December 29, 2011

Knock knock ... anybody home?

Who is the schlepper that owns this here blog?  Yeah you know the one who didn't even wish everyone Merry Christmas because she was too busy with her damn house.  Self absorbed beotch... that's all I can say.

The house and Christmas almost did me in.  So, I apologize for my bad manners.

We almost have everything in place except for the coffee and end table .. and a TV stand.  Now comes the putting up of pictures and decorating.  I have bought a few new pieces, but still have a lot of stuff from the other house that will work well in here.  I need some plants too.  Soon it will look like home and be cozy and have all my stuff around me again.

I got a Kitchen Aid Mixer for Christmas so today I am going to try to make bread.  Shut up and quit laughing .. it could happen.  I have no idea where my loaf pans are..probably in the 3rd. garage behind the lawn mower.

I almost got killed this morning.  I think Gord had something to do with it, as a matter of  fact I know he did.  She got this stupid rain shower head .. THAT..turns different colours when the water is on.  I know...a disco shower ball if you will!!!  He has been showing it to everyone who walks in here.  It's gaudy as hell, anyway this morning I turned the water on to let it get hot before I got in and BANGGGGGG... the whole thing fell off the spout and on the floor.  Don't tell me that wasn't intentional. He muttered something about the clips had come apart.  Yeah... That's what you get when you buy shit that has "As see on TV" on the package.  That would have left a nasty gash on my head had it not been shiny plastic instead of real metal like most people have in there bathrooms.  Classy eh? We have 5,790 lbs. of metal stoves and fridges in the kitchen and in our bathroom we have a plastic disco ball rain shower head.

I just started feeding the birds and squirrels around here.  Poor Penny...she has a dent in her forehead from banging it up against the window.

I call him fat ass he is here everyday now.

We had Gord's family over on boxing day for dinner.  We actually all got to sit around the table at one time.  Usually I just do it buffet style, so this was a treat.  Gord's 96 year old Tanta Tina was once again in attendance. She slays me.  She is as funny as she always was.  She has a little trouble walking but other than that she can still hold her own.  I helped her to the bathroom after dinner and when she came out she said " Joan" she turned around bent over and said look at my slacks....haaaa she had them on backwards!  The pockets were in the back.  She said they had felt funny all evening and after she came out the bathroom she went to put a kleenex in her pocket and couldn't find her pockets!!  and realized she had them on backwards all evening.  We had a good laugh along with her.  This Christmas will be remembered as the one when Tanta wore her slacks on backwards!

Time to make bread...haaaa this should be funny.

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year!  Thanks for putting up with my tardiness.

Just once more for old times sake:)))


Donna said...

You Tardy Wench!'re forgiven! Bet that house is looking gorgeous!
Loved the pants on backwards story!Hahaaa...Hell, I've done that as well...
Happy bread making Miz Joan!

JUST A MOM said...

WELL it is about time ya know,, I come to this place at least once a day looking to see new pictures of your beautiful house and what do I see,, OH LOOK WHAT A PRETTY SNOWMAN crap thing on here,,, nothing new,,, I saw about the shower head on fb,, why would a man buy a SEEN ON TV anything and put it is that beautiful home you have,,, geeezzzee men sometimes can think a bit weird huh..

Captain Poolie said...

Oh! That pants story is priceless! And you know how much I would live that disco ball shower. Oh yeah!

judemiller1 said...

Oh gosh--I am more then twenty years younger then Aunt Tina and I have done the same thing!!!

Grandma K said...

I hope the bread came out good!

Still jealous of your new house AND new furniture (lol).