Friday, April 06, 2012

What a beautiful day!

Incredible for this time of year. 

Spent the major portion cleaning out our garages ... in which we dumped everything we didn't need at the time we moved.  Then winter came.. and it stayed that way. We had so many....Ohhhh there it is!   Damn I thought I had lost that forever moments. I'm still looking my pond froggie....I think I left him beside my old pond....I loved him...but he might turn up because a lot of stuff has.  My friend Hippy Chick gave me a clay big ole carp which I had in the garden....and I saw he lost part of his big mouth missing ... I will see if I can glue it back on.

We are getting quotes now for a deck and landscaping and I still want to put in another pond and was looking for all my old friends.  I have been watching the sun lately...and wondering if I should put in a little garden in the back.  I'm not sure if there will enough sun out there.  I really would like too. 

Last night Gord and I witnessed full moon from our sofa.  We have these huge windows towering up to the sky...we turned off all the lights...and sat and watched it come over the trees...and then clouds would come over and just shadow it for awhile and it would come back full force.  It took only an hour for it to move from one window to the next...which I thought was fast.   It was amazing.  And  the stars!!! 

Gord and Penny are sitting in the porch...gotta join them and take in this wonderful place.


The humble MOSTress of GGFarm said...

Those windows sound like a great investment. At our house, we can lie in bed and see the moon cross the sky through those standard windows most bedrooms have. We feel lucky! I love lying there in the moonlight.

Donna said...

Oh Joan, I'm so glad you're loving the new house!!
Happy Easter!

Brenda said...

What a sight that must have been! I'm so happy that you, Gord, and Penny are enjoying your new home.