Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Little lonely little too much in my head

Wow it's been a long time sitting here trying to figure out what to write in such a big space.  How did I do that before I turned into a turtle?  I stuck my head back into my shell and hoped it would all go away.  And the stupid part is.....there is nothing wrong.  Just this feeling of doom.  It follows me around day and night and I think of the most stupid stuff.  I can't even enjoy my life.  I thought if I would confess this tonight it might make me take control of my life again.  Get off my ass and be the person I used to be.  I really want that energy and control again.

Balonie.... xxx taking one step forward.


Sally said...

Oh come on!

Cheer up, be happy.

Okay, guess I'm a little rough on ya. Love you, and want you to feel better.


Phyllis said...

Don't Worry...Be Happy...Da da da da ta da da da da!
Must be the full moon!

Donna said...

I was that way as well for a's like a doomed saddness of some sort...BUT, there's nothing I can do to change things by myself...I just decided to take one day at a time a quit worrying about things so much. I know that in the end, everything will be alright...what a waste of MY time just sitting around worrying about I get up and do some laundry...make a dessert...hug my Buddy and just be's working.

Dawn said...

I have been in the same funk. Seems like we all get those issues. I am not looking forward to Christmas and that is coming up. Just be glad to don't have a president... or do you ?? I am not sure. But, be happy you don't have ours !!!! We are going to be a f*cking mess real soon !


Judy said...

Been going through that stuff too. Just keep taking that one step forward--maybe we can slowly walk out of it?