Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I did get my hair done again

It was kind of weird.  It took me a bit to find her house...only to find that is about 5 minutes from mine...duh. 

First impression when I found her house...was...OH NO.... there were three cars parked in a little driveway and I didn't know where to park.  Cul De Sac horror. If you know thee culdesac there be no room to park on the street from one driveway to thee next.  Ahh I thought screw that and parked as close as I could between the houses.  I didn't block anyone off.  The area she lives in is exactly the same as the one we moved out of.  I felt very much at home as I drove down the streets to her house.

Anywho.... her house was much different than our old one... it had two side doors and no front door.  The door going to the house along the driveway had a fence in front of it ...with a "beware of dog" sign on I opted for door number #2 on the other side of the house.  I rang the door bell.  More than once...and finally she came out door #1 and found me there in distress ...with my grey roots showing for all her neighbours to see.  She kindly guided me back to door #1 and promised me her dogs would not eat me for lunch.  They did not...they fell into my arms like big bowls of fur jello. 

She told me she had just taken two more appointments before mine.  Two mom's who needed a haircut..but of course the two mom's brought along their two little kidlets (each).  Hence all those cars in the driveway.  That makes 4 kids right?  No....Hairdresser has two little one's too.  That makes...ummm let me count on my fingers .... 6 kids under the age of 5.  Yes you are reading this right. 

At this point I still had my shit together...loved the dogs...then we went into the house .. and down the stairs to her salon..slash family room.  She had just finished cutting the ladies hair and they were all about to leave as I got down there.  Little tykes were abundant.  They were running, they were crying, they were hungry, they needed naps...they were fighting.  Finally she got all of them out of there...not before the cutest little boy came up to me while I was in my chair and said...I bumped my haid...I said I know sweetie I saw you fall down.  He just grinned back up at me and ...and said ... it dwint ert...and kept on trying the catch the dog's tail...yes there was a dog in the salon.  lol.  Apparently he was the little tyke that escaped upstairs while his mom was getting her hair cut...and ate toothpaste in the bathroom..

Chris...the  hairdresser was getting a little crazy because I think she was wondering if I could fit in this situation...and kept on apologizing...blah blah... I told her I was very comfortable....All the mom's and kids left...and she started on my hair....then her kids started to fight in the family room.  But fortunately her husband came home a few minutes later and all that was taken care of by daddy and left us to our own.

So after that it was a cake walk.  I had two dogs laying beside me as my hair was processing....we talked a bit and told her to go upstairs and have some lunch as she didn't have time to do it before.  She is a very nice person... and a little crazy like me... we will get along just great.

She is just making a living.... and no... I noticed she used a totally different product for my hair than she used in her workplace.  So I don't think she would have taken it from there.  I feel comfortable. She only works at the other salon two nights a week and one day shift.. and only took it on because her husband had been laid off.  But now he is working full time again she might just shut that down and continue working from home.

She did my hair good no question about that and it only cost me 45 bucks for the colour and cut.  So I am happy.  I rather enjoyed being there. 

I had to myself...because she is still trying to figure me out because she doesn't really know me that well and when she brought out 3 editions of "The Enquirer" for me to read while my roots were rooting ... and tentatively gave them to me to peruse..and said her mother in law loves to read this stuff and thought I might too.  I didn't bust a gut out laughing...I just this is fine normally I just read the covers at the check stand at the store.  Haa...if I continue to go there she will get me soon enough. She has a great sense of humour...but I can see she is playing the dance.   

I know it is probably difficult for a younger person to relate to someone she might think as old.  Her mother in laws age I'm guessing.  Well then...she hasn't really met me.  I will change that. So yeah it was all good ... at my age it is always good to make new younger friends because I don't have kids...and I might just need one of them to drive me to Safeway when I get older... or help me chase children off my lawn with a rake.  So much to look forward to. 


Captain Poolie said...

Truly delightful story! Glad you are happy with your stylist.

Sally said...

Awww, kids, frazzled moms, dogs; sounds like a normal place! :)

Hey, where's the pic of your new do? Just askin'.

I always love your stories. You should do this more often! Miss you when you don't. :)

YankeeChick said...

Glad that your home styling session went well. Not sure that I would have lasted more than the 1st 60 seconds after seeing all those dear lil' children running around, so I give you oodles of credit on that count, for sure!

Hitting the big 6-0 in just...oh my!....30 days, I know what you mean about younger friends that don't think of you as "old". I am SO not ready to be treated like an old lady and love having several younger people in my life that don't think of me as their 'Mom' or 'Grandmother'. Several of my daughter's friends are wonderful like that, too, and fit me right in as if I was one of them. (I think the purple hair and a little cussing helps...LMAO)

Donna said...

I'm with Sally! Photos!Hahaa
Glad you like her...nice that she is so close by!

judemiller1 said...

I told you it would be all right. I did the same thing a few years ago--it certainly helped out my hairdresser and me, as to the cost. I rather enjoyed being in that small salon of hers without all the fancy smanchy stuff at the salon. We became quite good friends--I was her mother's age. All is good--you are going to like it more and more.