Tuesday, July 17, 2012

dis & dat

I have six bucks in my pocket...so I can go to the $ store ...ummm ...counting my fingers...6 TIMES.  So now that my dance card is full for the rest of the week I shall plan my days around going to the $ store. 

In reality I haven't been able to leave the house for any length of time because this house WILL NEVER BE FINISHED.   Last week I spent 3 days while two young men turned our quite little home into a mix between a movie theatre and a Rolling Stones sound stage.  I have no eyes and ears left. Just when I think it is safe to sit outside ... someone cranks up the patio speakers.  On Thursday the guy came to check the AC.  Monday the window guy came and installed 6 new windows.  The old windows had marks on them where the tinting bled through and had to replaced.  We didn't expect him so early in the morning 9:00 AM ... heh..and we were still in bed when he came.  Gord got up and let him in ... and I thought oh well I will just have a little snooze because Gord was home.  Yeah?  Gord told him to start in the bedroom...yikes I was STILL in bed fortheloveofmike!  I had to hide under the covers.  The guy was pretty cool...all he said was ... well I guess I leave these windows for last ...lol

Tomorrow the electrician is coming over because the under counter lights are falling off...yup one by one they just drop.  Gord fixed the first one because my computer was under it and it almost hit my screen.  The other one landed on my canisters in the kitchen.  So there are 3 more in the house that I will make him check that haven't bit the dust YET.  He must have used the shortest screws on earth to put them up...what a dink.  Thursday a guy is coming to finish putting baseboards in the garage...oy.

I had to change my hair appointment twice because people just keep coming and coming.  My bangs are so long I'm snorting them up my nose. Not to mention my roots...gahhh I look like a skunk. 

I was going to go in and get new tires for my truck but I can't seem to fit it in.  We have to fill them every couple of weeks.  It's real pain in the ass because because my truck wobbles around when I drive.  The air pressure in the tires are never the same on each tire. And when I go over 60 km. my steering wheel has a life of it's own.  I am considering driving the garden tractor instead. 

Well better be off to the $ store that looney is burning a hole in my pocket. 

epic fail


Donna said...

And there you lay in that big ole bed WITHOUT your camera! GirlChild!!Hahaaaa...You could have taken some great expression shots from the window guy!!
Get Those Tires Girlie!!!!!

Terri said...

Sounds like a lot of turmoil in one household. The photo and story about the under the counter lights reminds me of what happened to us yesterday. Husband was trying to kill a wasp in the kitchen window and managed to knock off my glass chicken collection...broke one little one and seriously hurt a large one. He did glue the large one but I couldn't help but think.....Moving the glass might have been a good idea before you killed the wasp.

Sally said...

Well, good golly Ms Joan! If it ain't one thing it's another. I'm always glad to see you post though as I try to figure out who's speaking, you or Baloney! :)

JUST A MOM said...

I think THIS will be my reason for NOT having a NEW house built,,, good luck have fun

judemiller1 said...

WOW--what a time. You'd think with a new house, everything would be perfect--but it is never so.

Brenda said...

LOL, I like Donna's idea. I hope everything is all fixed up now.