Friday, August 15, 2008

whoa...look at blogger go

We got us some new shit. I haven't perused it all, so I still don't know ...if its a good thing yet.

There is one thing I have been meaning to say for sometime now, and keep forgetting. It was funny as hell, at least to me. I was on "some" blogsite and I can't remember who it was...but she talking about her son who was 16 years old and learning to drive; and with this came a sign they had to put on the back of the car "NOVICE DRIVER." I guess the kid wasn't too impressed with the sign every time they went for a spin....and she said at his age...we may as well put up a sign that said..I WILL NEVER GET LAID!....haaaaaa haa. I can just see the kid in the car with his mom trying to duck down the back streets. I don't know...but that makes me laugh every time I see a kid driving down the street with his parents.

Last week I made a little error, I said I had only met two bloggers Katie and Kat....I should have mentioned that these were bloggers who came to my house. I met Ellen in the hospital before she died last year in August. She died August 23rd. if my memory serves me. I still miss her blogs, and catching up on what she was doing in her fight with cancer...and how incredibly brave she was. I follow her husbands blog and feel his loneliness without her, and trying to make his way back. Ahem, Curtis, if you buy anymore clothes you will have to get a bigger house!! For me it seems so long ago, but then too I was in the midst of Gord's heart problems and time just gets away from you. Curtis, I will be thinking of you these next few weeks, and I still miss her too.

It was 30 degrees C here today. Me no likey. Of course today I had three hundred loads of laundry to do, and two loads of dishes to run through the dishwasher. This former flower child, said "bummer" ... all day long.

I also said "bummer" all day yesterday. I think I cracked a rib on Thursday...or at least bruised the crap out of it. I was bending over the side of the lawn chair trying to reach Penny to and give her a treat, when for some unknown reason my arm ...which was resting on the metal arm of the chair let go, and my rib hit it with a resounding thud. It really hurt for awhile, but I didn't think much of it until next morning...owwwwshitzzz...this might not be good. So from Friday until today, it's been a struggle.

First Penny takes a dive and hurts her leg ... again....and she can't get down the patio stairs to the large piece of real estate in the back yard ...know as dogcrapper paradise to do the poo poo in. You would think if you had all that at your disposal, you would not go off nilly willy, run down the stairs at a alarming rate (with a bum leg) to chase a squirrel and screw it all up, then... expect me to start carrying you down the stairs, and back up....with my fucking broken rib!! Lets not forget the $85.00 vet bill.....Penny! And then to do it all over again this morning. OY....

It's good thing the vet gave me some major pain killers for her, because we would be back there again today. So, she chased another squirrel before I could catch her, but I think she is okay. I went to Home Depot this afternoon and bought some fencing to put on the patio deck and one for the family room that leads down to the living room. It looks really classy, it's plastic lattice board. I was going to get those baby fences, but holy moly they were expensive. I guess it doesn't matter much, my house looks like shit anyway. We are in the midst of throwing shit out, and not replacing anything until we get ready to sell...and it shows. The only thing I will miss about this place is my back yard....other than that it's on to better things...and hopefully to a bungalow. Which reminds me, I have two more loads of laundry waiting for me on the second farting level. I might have to bind my ribs with duct tape to make the trek back up here.

I am sitting on the patio now... and the dog still hasn't got down to do da bizzness. I'ts been an hour after her supper.... I will be damned if I will trot her down the stairs and back up. I think she knows a sucker when she sees one.

I'm off to fetch my laundry from the hell hole down below...and hmmmm.... if those pain killers Penny takes are so good... maybe I should pop a few.

If I come online will know what my choice was. After all I don't have a tail to wag.


Brenda said...

Ouch! It's not good when you AND Penny are all banged up. Who'll carry you up and down the stairs?

Joan said...

Brenda...gord will have hire someone with a forklift..or one of those apple picking things to get us back one deck. I know...who said life after 60 was easy...jeez..

Joan said...

on the deck I meant to say...damm

AndiePandie said...

What if you got some plywood and made a little ramp for her to go up and down?

I have a 100 loads of laundry to do too!

Donna said...

Good Ness!! It's pandamonium up there!! And yes, I'm not sure the "new" blogger will be any better than the old one....haven't had time to look, guess I will tonight.
Wish I could have known sounds like she was Wonderful and full of love for everyone. I've read different people's blogs who knew her and had nothing but love for her...bless her heart.
Please take care Miss Joan and don't fall, yourself! Poor Penny....hughugs
PS-Maybe Penny could "hold it" till Gord came home??...hahahaha....didn't think so...happy night!

Special K said...

Oy, booboo, that sounds rough babe.

Generally speaking, though, broken ribs hurt a lot less than cracked ones, but even so, you need to get that checked out. What use is a universal health system if you don't freaking use it?

Get on it!

Joan said...

Andie...yes we were talking about that last night...but it's got to be a mighty long ramp, I have one planned out that will be half the width of the stairs so we can still walk up and down.. it's kind of hard to explain but I will put pics up with my plans. The stairs are kind of we need a lot of room to start it, and we have a garage not to far from the deck that will make it steeper if we have to start from there. I think it can be done.

Donna...Ellen was a gem. You would have loved her blog. I miss her.

Kat...I took it to the doc's ..and it's a sprain....I'm a wuss...but with all the carrying of the dog and shit god it hurt. I'm breathing regular now...instead of anticipating pain every time I took a breath. Maybe tonight I can sleep through the night.
BTW... the last of the lilies packed it in today...they last a long time, and have such a wonderful scent. I will miss them. Thanks