Thursday, August 07, 2008

shhhhhh be very quite

My head hurts.

I forgot I wasn't 35 years old anymore.

Special K pretty well...out talked, out drank, and out smoked me. But, I think I held up pretty well considering my age. Mind you when we finally went on line, I couldn't type worth a shit. She kept on ordering me around like a Nazi! ..... so I am a little slow.... give me a break!

We had a good time, and I felt like I have known her all my life.... like an annoying little cousin or something ... heh. I can say whateverthehelliwant about HER because she doesn't blog anymore. She quit just in time. The internet God's were smiling at me. I am forever the opportunist.

I didn't make was too hot, so we just had potato salad, buns and chicken. We had a lot of nibbles beforehand.

And yeah, did I tell you?... she stayed for a sleep-over. Girls will be girls. I took my sorry ass to bed around 2:00 AM, and she was still on the computer ...doing what ever hell she does.. some of it might may have started with cyber...ahem. I do know she likes to tell guys what she is wearing, and usually she starts with her pink bunny slippers, then her tattered old robe, and then sends them a pic of her with with "rollers" in her hair. Attractive not. But the guys seem to like who can argue with success.

Gord and her got along really well; and it's not hard to like Gord, he is so easy going. But those two were getting carried away...with the lap dancing and all....bastards

Her ample bosoms were a tad to close to his face for my liking.

I took a few pics of her on deck .... and you know what...she had to put on fresh lipstick first!! Her vanity has no boundaries.

I have a few pics of us together in the garden, on this one I am not sure what we were doing. I think she was supposed to be a Vanna White wannabe, and I was doing the hokey poky...or something. Just another photo op that went very wrong.

Here we are with the Tin Man...don't ask me why.

My hair looks like someone just sat on my head. It's hard being a senior model. Kat was not at all surprised that I was wearing a hoody in the 90 degree heat. After all I have an image to keep.

I drove her back to mama sans this morning, after coffee and a few tylenols..oy...her parents live right across the city from me, so needless to say I was a little tuckered when I got home.

When I got home, I raced back to the waterbed....seeing food was not an option even tho it was noon. At one point after I dropped her off, I went past a McDonalds and the smell almost made me hurl. But, now I am in a better place...after a nap, a chicken sandwich...a little shopping and well yes a small glass of the "hair of the dog that bit me yesterday".

That's two summers now I have met a blogger and it's fun. At first it's a little intimidating but so worth the effort.


Brenda said...

I love the photos! I love that you two got together at last! And I love that you love each other! Sorry about the head, y'all didn't corrupt the tin man didja?

Special K said...

One thing is for certain: I'm not wearing that dress again until I've lost 30 lbs.

Thanks again for a fun evening, Balonie!

Joan said...

Brenda, we had a great time, you can't help but to love her.


Kat...your dress was great...whatta you talking about...but if would have had a hoodie it might have been better.

And you are was fun except the hangover part. I still can't the taste of potato salad out my mouth...who made that shit? PS..I finally watered the plants in the spare bedroom....good thing you came along and reminded me ..damn, two more days and I could have chucked out the door.

Joan said...

THEM out the door.

Joan said... we didn't do nothin to the tin man

No, Kat & Balonie never did give nothing to the Tin Man
That he didn't, didn't already have
And Cause never was the reason for the evening
Or the tropic of Sir Galahad

Joan said...

Two days later and I can't spell...I think I need a boot to the head.

Donna said...

Hahahahahahahahaha......I feel so SORRY...LOLHahahaha for poor Gord......LOL.....YOU are a RIOT!!!!! Glad ya'll had fun.....and thanks for the side spliting laughter...hughugs

Mary Lou said...

now steer her little canuk ass down this way...I dont drink or smoke, but I can talk dirty!

Special K said...

And another boobs look WAY bigger in these pictures than they actually are.

Mary Lou, we all know you can talk dirty. =D

Joan said...

I was just telling my fav SIL today that I have another blogger to visit with...and that would be you Mary Lou... I'm hoping to meet with you one day... I am saving all my airmiles...because I will be visiting my nephew in Kelowna BC ... and you arent't that far from there. I will bring my own booze...heh...kiddn. Tea would be fine...I'm easy.

Joan said...

And Special K is lying... she has a rack and a half.

Joan said...

And Special K is lying... she has a rack and a half.

Joan said...

Sorry, don't know whats going on with blogger, but it keeps on repeating itself.......... so nevemind.

Special K said...

So, I need a bra that has 3 cups.

Awesome. That should be easy to find.